Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit Buying Guide

Wall mounted air conditioning is the most convenient choice for schools and commercial premises without AC ductwork. With lots of options available, how can you choose the best for your school’s air conditioning requirements? The 3 most popular options are:

  • Standard Wall Mounted Unit: The most common and easily installed option.
  • Window AC: A cheap and temporary emergency solution!
  • Ductless Wall AC Units: Also known as splits, they can be installed without air conditioning ductwork.

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3 Types of Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

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Before deciding on a brand, you’ll want to learn the types of wall-mounted AC units. Depending on what you need and your preference, you can choose between the following:

Standard Wall Mounted AC Units

These are traditional AC units permanently installed to cool or heat a single room or space. Most standard models consist of a condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve. Ideally fitted to an external-facing wall, the evaporator and heat exchanger unit are installed on the internal wall, with the condenser on the external wall. This works like a ceiling cassette AC unit, which uses a conduit to transfer the conditioned air through the ceiling.

Designed for energy efficiency and cost savings, they can be installed with or without external condensers. An external unit is usually recommended for performance and efficiency in commercial premises.

Window AC

Window air conditioners are a convenient but temporary solution for humidity issues. They’re typically installed in window openings with an exhaust through the window. They also refer to the older type of large units that were fitted to residential buildings but are much less common now.

Ductless Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Ductless wall air conditioners or split systems offer cooling and heating functions without ductwork. They utilise refrigerants to circulate conditioned air through indoor and outdoor units. These systems boast energy-efficient and space-saving designs. They provide precise climate control options, air quality filtering, and zoning capabilities.

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5 Factors For Purchasing a Wall Mounted AC Unit

Now that you know the types of wall-mounted air conditioning units, here are five crucial factors you should consider before buying:

Cooling Capacity

It’s essential to pick a unit suited for the size of your room. To do this, select an appropriate cooling capacity, measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want a cooling capacity of at least 25 BTUs per square foot of space. Multiply your square foot measurement by 25 to get a rough estimate of what you need. For example, let’s say you have a 15-foot-wide by 15-foot-long room. Multiply 15 by 15 to get the square-foot measurement, which is 225. Finally, multiply the 225 square feet by 25 to get the area’s minimum BTU for an air conditioner unit (5,625 BTUs).

Noise and Comfort

Apart from cooling, consider the noise level for a comfortable working environment. Ideally, you want an AC that generates sound lower than 60 decibels to avoid harming your ears or being a nuisance. The lower the decibel rating, the more comfortable and less disturbance you’ll experience.

Room Placement

Choose an appropriate spot to place your air conditioning unit. For reference, standard wall mounted AC units suit external walls to remove the need for ducting. The ideal placement of most units is about two-thirds up the wall’s height. Leave approximately 4 to 8 inches of space from the ceiling.

Features and Connectivity

Modern ACs come with several convenient qualities. These features can include climate controls, programmable components, or smart connectivity. Some AC brands also allow remote control through smartphone connectivity. Choose units that suit your lifestyle, temperature needs, and preferences.

Brand and Style

Avoid choosing the cheapest options. Instead, pick reputable brands with AC units that provide the most value for your money with performance and efficiency benefits. Classroom365 recommends Daikin and Samsung wall mounted AC units for our installations.

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