Bromcom MIS Support for Schools

Classroom365 supports Bromcom, providing MIS assistance to schools. We ensure your school’s computer hardware and network meet the needs of a cloud-based MIS. Classroom365 is undertaking the accreditation process to become a fully approved partner.

We will soon offer dedicated third-party Bromcom MIS support for schools. This will further enrich Classroom365’s portfolio of ICT support and services for schools.

Classroom365 offers schools the following Bromcom support:

  • Optimise the school ICT network infrastructure for a seamless Bromcom Cloud MIS installation.
  • MIS backups and ICT strategy for your school to plan for the successful migration to Bromcom.
  • Being a cloud MIS, Bromcom clients need a secure and fast school wireless network. Slow, insecure Wi-Fi will frustrate teaching staff using a cloud MIS.
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Contact us now for more information about how Classroom365 can help your school transition to Bromcom MIS.

Bromcom Cloud Support for Schools

If you choose Bromcom as your School MIS, Classroom365 will work with your school management system to create a stable and reliable platform. Everything ICT will be ready for implementation and future Bromcom support.

Our team works with multi-academy trusts and schools. For 20 years, we have understood the demands of the education environment.

Priorities in schools are security, safety and reliability for the school network infrastructure. Both onsite and remote working are so important now.

What is Bromcom?

Bromcom MIS is a cloud-based management information system (MIS) that is accessible from anywhere from a browser. Unlike SIMS, there are no local client installations. This means school staff can access the Bromcom MIS platform from any device connected to the internet.

A cloud MIS for schools is the way forward now, removing the need to install software and rely on server backups. It is all automated by Bromcom themselves. Create a shortcut to your Bromcom portal and log in from a desktop, iPad, or wireless device.

Bromcom MIS Support - Find Out More

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Bromcom Information and Key Features

Why choose Bromcom MIS?

  • Bromcom MIS is a cloud MIS with no software to install on devices. With ESS SIMS, every census request or software upgrade can create issues for staff and technical support staff. With Bromcom Cloud MIS, there are no desktop or server upgrades to go wrong.
  • Bromcom does not tie schools into a long-term contract initially. Every school should check the terms before signing anything. Their standard contract is for one year initially. This rolls over to a 5-year agreement unless you give 90 days’ notice. Beware if you want to change your MIS provider. They also offer a “Bromcom buy back” if you are with another MIS and want to change.
  • All the school data backs up automatically on Bromcom’s server infrastructure. If something goes wrong, such as data deletion, a school can restore from any date within 30 days.
  • A clean, fresh interface with all the school management tools available with a mouse click.
  • Bromcom Finance integrates with the Bromcom MIS platform. No third-party finance software is necessary. No more SIMS FMS upgrades!
  • The Bromcom Parent app, MyChildatSchool, is available for Android and Apple mobile phones, tablets and iPads. The Bromcom Parent Portal lets parents add dinner money and track attendance. They can also monitor their children’s performance. You can access the portal here.

Bromcom integrations

Bromcom is constantly developing its platform to provide more services. With dozens of applications in use in schools, check your software is compatible or has an API that can be integrated with the Bromcom Cloud MIS. Here are some of the vital integrations Bromcom has developed that we recommend:

  • If you are a Google school, syncing your school MIS with Google Workspace for Schools is vital to keeping student logins current.
  • Inventry visitor management data sync to keep a record of visitors within the Bromcom MIS.
  • Impero safeguarding software requires an API to read the Bromcom data and import into their safeguarding and monitoring solution.

For a complete list of Bromcom integrations, click here.

Is Bromcom the Best Cloud MIS for Schools?

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There is no school MIS that Classroom365 can say is the best. They all offer something different to schools, with other features and integrations.

Classroom365 recommends trying before you buy and experiment with their demos and book in a presentation. Whether your school chooses Arbor or Bromcom as its cloud MIS, they have similar features and benefits. Arbor is Bromcom’s largest competitor, and you can learn more here about Classroom365’s Arbor support for schools.

Check all the prices and support response times for third-line issues that your Bromcom support partner, like Classroom365, cannot resolve.

Please learn more about our IT services and support for education and what can complement our Bromcom support for your school.