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ICT curriculum support with Classroom365 will help inspire your staff to support your vision for ICT in education. We will help staff and pupils to confidently use your computing resources in a safe learning environment.

With our help, you will see this impact on teaching quality, children’s progress, and classroom engagement.

We offer tailored classroom ICT lessons for pupils and ICT teacher training for your staff in a one-on-one or group learning environment.

How you would like it to work and develop your computing curriculum is up to you.

Discover our ICT training services and let us help you teach ICT animation and other computing resources using popular educational websites, Chromebooks in the classroom or iPads for education:

ict curriculum support in a classroom

Our teachers are experienced working in schools, teaching computing to primary schools across London for us.

Schools have different needs, and we want to provide the best service for you. Whether it’s one-off teacher training, SMART Board training, or a year of classroom-based support, our prices are on an application basis. Multiple sessions can be purchased for a generous discount or as part of a Service Level Agreement (ICT SLA), in which case there would be a fixed cost for the year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or fill out the contact form below for further information.

Resources for ICT Teaching and Learning

Below are some fantastic resources to help teach the computing curriculum. They range from websites to apps from Google Play and the App Store.

If you need help uploading ICT lesson planning or teaching resources to your website, our school website designer can help you.

ict resources for teaching and learning with 2simple purple mash

Purple Mash

2Simple Purple Mash is a cross-curricular website and app for primary schools. It delivers many activities, programs, and games in a creative environment. Subscription-based and includes home access for all pupils.

stop motion studio is a computing curriculum resource for primary schools

Stop Motion Studio

Create fantastic stop-motion films with a fully-featured movie editor for Key Stage 2 pupils. The toolkit is straightforward, and pupils can select their images or choose from an extensive library.

teach ict scratch in the classroom online or with the app


Teach ICT Scratch with Classroom365. Scratch is a free online platform for pupils to learn code to create animations, stories, games, and audio. It encourages collaboration and sharing of user-generated content and is used by millions of children worldwide.

teach ict animation for ks1 pupils with puppet pals

Puppet Pals

A simple primary school app for creating animations and cartoons. Pupils can act out a story or add their characters and backdrops in a simple, easy-to-use interface. It’s an easy way to start to teach ICT animation for KS1.

teach coding in ict lessons with the hopscotch app


A drag-and-drop approach to coding with this popular iPad app lets pupils create their games and stories, enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills. Popular worldwide as ICT teaching resources for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

ict planning using the online whiteboard from explain everything

Explain Everything

A versatile online whiteboard app for teachers to create visually engaging material for classroom-based and remote lessons. Pupils can collaborate and contribute to lessons and presentations in a single, dynamic, shared place of work.

ICT Curriculum Planning and Support for Teachers

Do you need help planning with ICT planning for lessons? We can help with custom-written resources and lesson plans to help teach ICT computing and support your teachers in the classroom.

How do you get started?

First, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat. We will help arrange the following:

  • A phone call and meeting either in person or remotely.
  • We will discuss your computing curriculum and areas where you would like support, such as coding with Scratch, lesson planning, or teacher training. Of course, you can mix it up too.
  • In many cases, primary schools take out a service level agreement with us for a half-day a week for term time only, and our qualified teacher will visit every week at a fixed time.
  • One-off training sessions for teachers can also be arranged.
  • We also provide classroom technical support for curriculum software, from app deployment to mobile devices and software installations to educational hardware support.

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