Projector Installation Services and Electric Screens for Halls

Plenty of schools still use projectors and smartboards for classrooms, but the whiteboard and projector combination is now effectively obsolete. With the competitive pricing available now, an interactive screen for a classroom is a better choice. However, large rooms, such as a school hall, require professional audio-visual projectors and screen installations.

The installation team at Classroom365 has been offering school projector installation services since 2004. We provide new projector and screen installations or upgrades of an existing setup.

  • Free site survey and quotation
  • Professional and safe installation by our enhanced DBS-checked installation team. Nothing is outsourced.
  • Maintenance or servicing if required.

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projector installation services

Projector Screen Installation Service

Electric projector screens have come a long way. They are anti-reflective and with blackout backing; images are sharp and bright. Combined with the right projector for the environment, it means years of trouble-free and low-maintenance projection. Our electric screens from Sapphire AV are quiet, reliable and thoroughly recommended:

  • Matt white fabric with a black border for excellent picture framing.
  • Triple ply laminate fabric – no wrinkles, no mould and fire resistant.
  • Remote control and IR extender.
  • Three-year warranty as standard.

Our projector screen installation service will include a site survey to determine the room’s correct size and the existing setup.

Is a new projector installation required?

Projectors project an image at 4:3 (the older style squarer image size), 16:10 or, most commonly, 16:9, the standard laptop size. At the moment.

It would be best to have a projection screen installation to suit your existing projector and AV configuration. At Classroom365, we want to determine the best cost-effective option for you and will advise accordingly.

Hence a site survey would usually be required.

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projector screen installation service

Projector and Screen Installation Service

Each projector and screen installation is different; if a projector screen replacement is required, it is often best to replace the projector. The image may be dull, replacement lamps expensive, and installation to change the lamp for a high ceiling-mounted projector can be costly. Scaffolding is often required.

We will work with you on the most cost-effective solution. We have been doing this in schools for 20 years.

What are the considerations for large space AV or a school hall projector installation?

  • Safety. Can the projector be mounted safely on the ceiling at the correct distance from the projection screen?
  • Will new electrical work be required? Projectors needs power.
projector and screen installation
  • The projector will need a long HDMI cable to connect to the laptop or desktop. Beware, as cheap HDMI cables have a distance limit. We recommend an HDMI to ethernet adapter for longer cable runs so the data stream from the computer to the projector is via ethernet. Too often, we have found this in schools that have experienced problems with existing projector installations.
  • The projector and screen installation has to look good. No one wants an unprofessional installation.
  • Our advice for these installations is not to use a wireless projector setup. The projector needs power, so use cabling to transmit the data between the desktop or laptop to the projector.
  • Will the computer connected to the projector run on wireless or ethernet? A great wireless connection or an ethernet connection will be required. You want to avoid the YouTube video stuttering in a presentation, don’t you?
  • Is there an existing audio system, or will a new sound system be required? We can provide a great audio solution with a mixer, Bluetooth, microphones and amplifier in a lockable cabinet that sounds great and is simple to use.

Please contact us for a free projector installation quote and some advice.

projector lamp installation

Projector Lamps for Schools

It can be daunting if you need a projector lamp installation for a high-up hall projector. Scaffolding will be required, and this is not for the faint-hearted. Our experienced AV installation engineers have been doing these for years.

The projector will need to be taken down, and if it’s in a security cage, then check that you have the key first. We have had to angle grind the lock to access the projector on occasion!

The replacement bulb for projector will have been ordered, either from an external company or from us, and we will swap it out after cleaning the filters, resetting the lamp counter and inspecting for wear and tear.

For a quote for a projector lamp and installation, please get in contact. We only supply original OEM projector lamps for schools. Please refrain from using cheap generic lamps. They are not worth it.

Projector Installations – Next Steps?

First, please get in contact by telephone or the contact form.

  • We will arrange a site survey to evaluate your specific requirements and provide recommendations.
  • A free quotation after calculating the required projector based on throw distance and mounting materials.
  • If accepted, then we will book a convenient installation date. We can install it anytime from 6.00 am. It may be possible to complete the work before the school day starts.
  • We will order and arrange delivery of the required hardware and accessories.
  • Installation and training on the setup will be provided.
  • Project sign-off.

Our payment terms are 30 days with a school purchase order. Learn more about our processes for installing ICT hardware and our services for schools.

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