Affordable Electronic Whiteboards for Businesses and Schools

Classroom365 offers a complete range of budget electronic whiteboards and whiteboard installation services. Less expensive than the premium and well-known SMART interactive boards and Promethean ActivPanel displays, they still offer the following:

  • An interactive touch screen – the main feature and teaching benefit of all interactive whiteboards.
  • A generic Android operating system offering the ability to download apps and educational resources.
  • HDMI, USB and wireless connectivity options.

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What Is an Electronic Whiteboard?

An electronic whiteboard is a cutting-edge instrument that allows individuals to engage with digital materials in a variety of ways. In contrast to conventional whiteboards, which require markers and erasers, these electronic boards, utilise touch-responsive surfaces and digital pens or fingers for inputting data and adjusting on-screen content.

Electronic whiteboards are generally connected to electronic devices such as computers, granting access to digital resources from multiple origins. Boasting functionalities like handwriting identification, wireless integration, and multi-touch capabilities, electronic whiteboards function as outstanding cooperative devices in conference rooms, business meetings, and educational settings.

Due to their capacity to boost user efficiency and promote group collaboration, interactive digital whiteboards have experienced a surge in popularity in both corporate meeting spaces and educational environments.

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How do Electronic Whiteboards Work?

When a user interacts with the electronic whiteboard, also known as a digital whiteboard, it registers the touch, allowing for real-time manipulation of displayed content. For example, the content can be simple writing or annotating pictures or videos.

The touch inputs are detected by sensors embedded within the board and transmitted to a connected computer or device, where they can be saved for future use.

Leading manufacturers use their own customised software, which can be installed on the attached computer and often with free software licences to prepare work offline. This is especially useful for teachers who can prepare lessons away from their classroom.

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Entry Level Digital Whiteboard Alternatives

Budget-friendly classroom whiteboards, such as the latest panels from Newline Interactive, have emerged as a popular alternative to the higher-priced SMART Boards from SMART Technologies, making them accessible to a broader range of users. The lower cost can be attributed to streamlined design, utilisation of cost-effective components, and open-source software integration.

While these whiteboards may lack some advanced features in premium options, they still offer essential interactive functionality, such as multi-touch support, smooth annotation capabilities, and wireless connectivity. They also usually feature spare VGA and HDMI ports so you can connect a visualiser to enhance the classroom interactive experience. It is worth checking first as many do not now come with VGA ports, which some old and cheap classroom visualisers need for connectivity.

By balancing performance and affordability, low-cost electronic touch panels cater to the needs of various educational and corporate settings, delivering an efficient and engaging collaboration platform without breaking the bank.

Contact us for the latest electronic whiteboard prices for education and business. Classroom365 offers educational discounts on all displays and professional interactive display installations by our DBS-checked installation team. We have been installing whiteboards, electric screens, and projector installation services in schools for nearly 20 years.

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SMART GX Series Electronic Whiteboard

The GX series from SMART Technologies is their entry-level interactive SMART Board. Available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ sizes, they have the SMART 5-year hardware guarantee and an excellent reputation as the market leader for digital plays for education. The SMART Board GX price allows schools to replace their third-party or SMART Board projector installation for a low cost while retaining the SMART overall experience.

So, how does the cheaper GX Series differ from the popular SMART Board MX Series, most commonly installed in the education sector?

  • The touch screen technology is more advanced with the MX series using zero bonded glass, giving a more responsive interaction.
  • A 6-microphone array is built into the MX series of SMART Boards.
  • The MX range is available in a 55″ option.
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  • The GX frame colour is black. The MX is white.
  • The MX has more convenience buttons, like a screen shade button.
  • The GX Series uses the same Android operating system as 90% of the other electronic boards on the market, including the Iiyama and Viewsonic displays included here. The MX series uses SMART’s proprietary Smartboard software, including its marketplace for apps, additional software and over 5,000 classroom lessons. Note that neither comes with the subscription-based Learning Suite. You have to buy that on top.

The school must decide how much of the above is required!

Iiyama Touch Screen TV Displays

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Iiyama touch screen displays are dependable interactive display solutions for the education sector. As a reputable brand with over four decades of experience, Iiyama is a good brand, and Classroom365 recommends its interactive touch screen solutions.

There are cheaper displays available, but they are one of those we recommend.

All models feature multi-touch capabilities and gesture recognition, a whiteboard app, and screen sharing, which are great if you need basic functionality.

Iiyama supports their hardware with an extensive warranty, usually 5 years, and their customer support is pretty good, too.

Viewsonic Interactive Display Solutions

Viewsonic interactive displays feature outstanding image clarity, user-friendly touch functionality, and a variety of connection possibilities, making them well-suited for educational, business, and creative environments.

With their sturdy build and large screen options, a Viewsonic interactive display presents a competitive alternative in the touch screen market’s lower price segment. By offering cost effective choices and exceptional compatibility, Viewsonic has established a distinctive position within the fiercely contested interactive touch panel industry and remains a favoured option for those seeking dependable, high-performance solutions.

Moreover, Viewsonic is dedicated to minimising its ecological footprint, often integrating environmentally conscious elements into its interactive panels, such as energy efficient LED backlighting and power conservation settings.

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Classroom365’s Review of Alternative Classroom Whiteboards

There are so many options for budget interactive whiteboards around. We often receive emails and requests to evaluate new brands, many of which we have not heard of! From our experience, we do not recommend the cheapest options available. The software can be buggy and poorly translated.

The SMART GX Series, Viewsonic displays, and Iiyama touch screens are fantastic options that work well and fall within a similar price range. If you require a no-frills electronic white board for classrooms, the SMART GX175 with a 75″ interactive screen is a very tempting option. The well-known SMART Notebook software is included with a perpetual licence. However, the integrated lesson plans and SMART Exchange curriculum resources are not. The exact size, higher specification MX275 (75″) model includes these features.

With all the different curriculum resources available, we recommend the SMART MX and IMPACT Series of whiteboards from Clevertouch Technologies for a complete interactive solution for education.

For a business environment or a Head Teacher’s office in a school, we like the Iiyama Prolite screens. They offer a no-fuss interactive experience based on a stable Android platform. Wireless screen sharing is stable, and the boards look good aesthetically, backed up with a great warranty. The Viewsonic interactive display range offers a similar experience but is marginally more expensive.

For any electronic whiteboard price information and to learn about educational discounts, please get in touch with us today.

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