RAAC in Schools – Emergency ICT for Temporary Buildings

With the current crisis concerning RAAC in schools and other public buildings, many schools have to set up temporary classrooms and move resources between school buildings. This can mean ICT suites are out of action, ICT infrastructure changes and interactive whiteboards made redundant.

Classroom365 can help address technical emergencies in schools like this. What we can do:

raac in schools

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RAAC Concrete in Schools

RAAC concrete in schools has become a massive issue, seemingly out of nowhere. School buildings are closing, and temporary classrooms must be set up in other parts of the school premises or temporary spaces.

This is an enormous issue in many ways. Classroom365 can help with the necessary change in IT strategy for schools affected by the closures.

We are based in South East London, but many of our ICT services cover the entire UK. From the Connect the Classroom WiFi funding programme to ICT projects for new schools – we can help wherever you are located.

The consequences of the RAAC school closures for teaching ICT and technical administration are being experienced across the UK:

  • ICT suites are out of action.
  • No access to server rooms, which may be in a dangerous location.
  • Interactive whiteboards are made redundant as they are in classrooms deemed unsafe.
  • Access to CCTV and telecom systems can be restricted.

Classroom365 can help with anything from moving an interactive whiteboard or Chromebook charging trolley to a complete ICT decant and relocation.

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raac concrete in schools

Why was RAAC Used in Schools?

Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) was used to build schools and other public buildings between 1950 and 1990. It was cheap to make and easy to install, but its lifespan is between 30 and 40 years. If exposed to moisture and air pollution, it is significantly weakened as the bubbles in the concrete allow pollution and water to penetrate the structure.

Recent RAAC school ceiling collapses have hit the headlines understandably, and drastic and necessary action is now being taken.

raac school closures and supporting ict

Supporting ICT for Schools Affected by RAAC

Classroom365 can help remove all the stress and ensure your school can function normally by minimising disruption to school administration and the learning environment.

Several solutions are available to schools affected by the RAAC crisis, where we can help schools access their data in the cloud and complement any existing remote learning methods.

Our experience in supporting ICT in schools ensures we can quickly provide the proper emergency ICT solution, enabling your school network to be available at other temporary locations. Whether you need emergency ICT support or another technical service, we can help.

To help keep costs down, we will work with you, utilising as much of the existing ICT hardware and deploying it to the temporary premises. This would include:

  • CCTV cameras. Your CCTV coverage may need to expand to cover new temporary buildings if valuable ICT equipment is used there. For example, relocating classroom iPads, laptops and school Chromebooks between buildings.
  • Interactive whiteboards. Moving interactive hardware, such as Clevertouch screens, is not always easy. Supporting walls in the new installation location need to be carefully considered.
  • Wireless and networking infrastructure. The new locations may need wireless installed and the existing wireless access points redeployed. Reliably connecting sites wirelessly with Ruckus hardware, such as those separated by a road, is a problem that can be solved.
  • Broadband solutions. Fast, secure internet for education with content filtering and firewall security.

Our approach to RAAC in schools will mean that the school can focus on other more critical areas like teaching and learning while we care for all your ICT needs.

With a wealth of experience in ICT project management for new school builds and supporting existing clients, Classroom365 can take care of all the hardware decanting and reinstallation, ensuring all asset registers are updated and accurate to reflect changes in hardware and locations.

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