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Classroom365 is an authorised supplier and installer for Clevertouch boards from Sahara AV. With significant educational discounts and a free site survey, if required, we guarantee a competitive price for the complete range of Clevertouch interactive whiteboards.

  • An accredited Clevertouch board installation service.
  • Pre-sale demo and post-installation support.
  • Free Clevertouch training from Sahara AV themselves.

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clevertouch boards for schools

What is a Clevertouch Board?

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A Clevertouch board is an educational interactive touch screen that uses motion sensing technology to detect subtle movements and finger touches on the screen, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Like SMART and Promethean displays, Clevertouch boards from Sahara Presentation Systems Ltd are a market leader in educational interactive displays. Clevertouch Technologies uses its proprietary technology and software to offer an alternative digital learning experience.

Clevertouch screens come in 55″, 65″, 75″ and 86″ sizes, with the Clevertouch IMPACT series of interactive touch screens targeted to the education market.

Do Clevertouch Screens Need a Computer?

Sahara Clevertouch screens are designed to work independently without the need for a computer or Mac attached. However, for their full functionality in a classroom environment, they normally would be. This means if the attached computer breaks down or the teacher takes away the connected laptop, the Clevertouch screen will be operable for the next class.

The Clevertouch screen has a built-in android operating system, so within seconds of powering on, the screen and all resources are available.

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Features of Clevertouch Displays

Clevertouch displays are packed with features and connectivity options, including the following:

  • Choice of 55″, 65″, 75″ and 86″ screen size options.
  • Powerful speakers (2 x 15W), which is a big improvement on earlier models.
  • Android OS is included meaning the Clevertouch display works without a desktop or laptop attached.
  • 5 Year hardware warranty and ongoing Clevertouch technical support. For out of warranty or damaged screens, we can offer a Clevertouch repair.
  • Free software and no subscriptions.
  • USB-C ports and easy charging for external devices.
  • VGA and 3 x HDMI out ports so external devices, such as a classroom visualiser, can be easily connected.
  • Feature-rich software and compatibility with documents created on SMART Notebook and Promethean software.
  • Screen mirroring software is included as standard, meaning no third-party apps are required.
  • Fully compatible with the wide range of fixed and height adjustable mounts provided by third parties including, the recommended Loxit screen and AV mounts.

What Software Does Clevertouch Use?

The Clevertouch IMPACT series of interactive boards include a comprehensive software suite of apps, resources and collaboration tools.

The classroom essentials built into the LUX Clevertouch software interface, include the following:

  • Electronic whiteboard with infinity canvas.
  • Handwriting to text recognition.
  • Timer.
  • Media player and LYNX recorder.
  • Annotate.
  • Chrome-based browser.
  • Voting.
  • QR code sharing.
  • Native screen sharing.
  • Maths resources and tools.

The Clever Software Suite includes a number of unique and powerful tools that teachers and Classroom365 really like. These tools, described below, are included with every hardware purchase. However, a Clevertouch screen price is higher than a generic interactive whiteboard cost from the cheaper end of the market. They are cheaper for many reasons! Overall, this needs to be weighed up when considering a purchase.

Clevertouch Screens - Further Information

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LYNX Whiteboard

  • With LYNX Whiteboard from Clevertouch, teachers can access their existing resources and create dynamic lessons with ease. The cloud accounts platform allows teachers to log in from anywhere and use the large selection of tools and interactive resources to prepare teaching content.
  • Clevertouch LYNX is fully compatible with SMART Board Notebook software and ActivInspire from Promethean so that any legacy files can be used too.
  • Dozens of STEM games and activities are also included with LYNX.
  • Clevertouch LYNX is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Windows, Android and Macs.
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Clevershare – A Collaborative Experience

  • Clevershare enables a teacher to share content directly from up to 50 devices, 9 or fewer at a time, on the Clevertouch screen. For example, sharing students’ work increases participation and collaboration in the classroom.
  • The teacher retains full control of the learning environment. All that’s required is the Clevershare app installed on each device, whether it is a laptop, iPad or another device.
  • Clevershare casting allows up to 9 students to cast at once, choosing between sharing their entire screen or just a camera feed for practical sessions.

Clevertouch CleverLive

  • CleverLive is a messaging app and a content management system (CMS).
  • It is a cloud digital signage for schools solution and connects all your classroom Clevertouch screens to a central account. User accounts can be created for all teaching staff so that wherever they are, they can log in to their account and access their own and the school’s resources, apps and lessons.
  • Along with instant messaging and broadcasting emergency alerts, your school can communicate effectively with each other.

Clevertouch Support and Remote Management

  • Built into the Clevertouch interactive whiteboard is a remote control MDM. Clevertouch Remote Management enables your school’s IT support company to help troubleshoot, update firmware and standardise the experience for all staff.
  • An MDM allows the deployment of apps, implements the auto switch-off of displays and increases security measures.
  • Learn more about our Clevertouch technical support and training.
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Clevertouch MDM

  • Clevertouch Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a free remote management tool ideal for a school campus.
  • A single website interface enables administrators to perform administrative procedures such as scheduling shutdowns, sending audio and visual alerts, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Clevertouch Snowflake

  • Snowflake is collaborative software that helps teachers create engaging stories as part of the curriculum.
  • The software is versatile and powerful in the ability to create personal zones on the interactive whiteboard along with online contributions in a safe environment.

Hundreds more Clevertouch apps, resources and games are available in the Cleverstore. All are completely free.

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What Are the Different Models and Sizes of Clevertouch Whiteboards?

The Clevertouch IMPACT Max Series are the most popular interactive whiteboards from Sahara AV. They are available in 65”, 75” and 86” sizes. The 75″ display is the most recommended for the average-sized classroom. An IMPACT 65″ is ideal for small-group classrooms. Indeed, we at Classroom365 install the 75″ Clevertouch whiteboard most commonly.

The IMPACT Plus Gen2 is the next step up for education and has the following upgraded elements:

  • 64GB storage and 6Gb RAM compared to 32Gb and 4Gb respectively for the IMPACT Max.
  • 55″ screen size option.
  • Android 9 version instead of Android 8.
  • More powerful surround sound speakers.
  • True 4K resolution.
  • Motion sensor, which wakes up the screen as you approach it.
  • Upgraded accessories, including the stylus.

The PRO UX Gen2 is the top-of-a-range series of interactive displays for meeting rooms. With video conferencing and a dual Android and Windows interface, it is ideal for a collaborative experience in the corporate environment.

clevertouch screens for schools

Clevertouch Board Review by Classroom365

Classroom365 has been completing Clevertouch interactive whiteboard installations for over three years.

They have been reliable with no hardware failures so far, which in our experience, backs up their claim for the lowest failure rate of interactive display brands.

We have had great feedback on the LYNX Whiteboard software, and teachers find it easy to store and access their digital content. Sharing with others is simple too. We also like that once you buy, there are no subscription charges or expiry dates for the software. It is continually being updated, and we have not encountered any major compatibility issues.

They are designed for easy installation with lots of connectivity options, and Clevertouch prices are very competitive with leasing for schools options available for bulk orders.

They offer a great alternative to the more popular panels, such as interactive SMART Boards and Promethean Activboards and provide more educational features than the cheaper Iiyama range of touch screens.

Post-installation support and their included free Clevertouch training is another positive.

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