Installation Services for Schools, including MIS Support and iPads for Primary Schools

ICT Services for Schools and ICT Installation Solutions for Education

Working closely with schools, local authorities and trusts, the Classroom365 team aim to provide a full range of primary school, secondary and academy ICT service provision. We can source and install a comprehensive full range of quality, branded hardware at wholesale education prices. Most products, including laptops for schools, interactive whiteboards and educational devices, are available on a next day delivery if in stock and the case of emergencies before 10.30 am.

Click on our dedicated ICT service pages for more information on interactive touch screens, wireless networks, school web design and CCTV camera installations.

Most of our ICT installation services are listed below, and if it’s not shown, please get in touch. The benefits of our ongoing technical support Service Level Agreements are detailed on our home page.

Pupils using different Classroom365 ICT services for schools in London

SIMS Support, iPads for Schools, Laptops for Teachers, School Broadband and ICT Leasing for Education

ICT Service Provider and Installation Solutions for Schools

School MIS Support

Pupil management and school administration MIS software, including Capita SIMS support, SIMS FMS support, ScholarPack, Bromcom, Arbor, RM Integris G2 and RM Finance for primary school and secondary educational establishments. We provide the latest updates and upgrades as part of our ongoing ICT service provision.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team can seamlessly assist migration of Capita SIMS to new servers, provide remote access to staff and install a new automated backup plan.

Don’t hesitate to contact us; our professional staff we will guide you through the process, discuss any concerns and provide ongoing support.

iPad and Tablet Security

Install iPads, Google Android or Microsoft tablets onto your school network using MDMs such as Meraki for Education and Jamf School. Classroom365 provides a flexible choice of secure tablet storage trolleys and charging lockers, including Zioxi and LapCabby.

Whether you need an iPad trolley for schools or a tablet charge and sync solution, our range of first class service solutions can deliver the latest quality technology at discounted education prices.

Interactive Touch Screens for Classrooms and Hall Audio Visual

Supply and installation of interactive displays, including SMART Technologies, Promethean and Clevertouch. Our whiteboard installations include mains electrics (NICEIC certification), custom cabling for video and audio signals and full software support.

Our professional installation team install projectors in most locations, including flat roofs and tall ceilings for a school hall projector installation, along with bespoke classroom audio visual setups.

Online Teaching Resources and Remote Learning

The Classroom365 team has set up and supported Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams in Windows, Google and mixed environments for dozens of primary schools and secondary schools since March 2020, facilitating online teaching, remote access and interactive learning. With our partners, we have helped schools claim back thousands of pounds through the DFE, provided training, courses and assistance for staff to enhance their lessons with remote learning.

Contact us for our flexible and quality support packages for Google and Microsoft, whether you use Windows laptops or Chromebooks.

School Broadband Support and Internet Services

Classroom365 provides the latest communications technology and school internet services, including LGFL support and cost effective school broadband solutions. Get in contact if your requirements are simple broadband, remote access, anti-virus and firewall protection package.

We can make the switch saving your school money by moving to a different school internet provider and migrating to Google Workspace or Office 365 email solutions. It is simple, get in contact!

If your primary school or secondary establishment requires a new website, visit our dedicated page.

Wireless Networks and Network Cabling

Classroom365 can install network cabling for your computers, WiFi, printers, telephones, CCTV and interactive displays.  All cabling infrastructure is hidden and protected, so your school’s ICT systems are secure and reliable.

Our structured cabling systems include fibre and gigabit networks to Cat5e and Cat6 standards. BYOD, guest networks and reliable, fast wireless bridges to remote buildings are all possible with a managed wireless network installed by Classroom365.

Data Backup and Recovery

Is your school data backed up? We can help you recover data from a crashed server or device, frozen hard drives, degraded RAID systems and even unreadable USB sticks.

See our dedicated page detailing our online backup service and why it is essential to protect critical data.

Please get in contact to discuss the process of securing your data and improving infrastructure security.

CCTV Installations and Security Systems

Classroom365 installs security cameras and school CCTV systems with dedicated DVR recorders that can be installed and supported using existing network cabling (POE) or mains electrics.

See our dedicated page on CCTV systems for more details on what we recommend for a secure and flexible CCTV solution for your secondary or primary school site. Training is always included and we can provide access to the CCTV monitoring with mobile apps and desktop remote access. CCTV maintenance contracts are available for complete piece of mind.

Curriculum and Admin Networks

Classroom365 can advise on the latest technology and the best way forward, whether a new onsite server or cloud-based solution if your school needs a trusted network upgrade or a comprehensive refresh.

We have Windows Server, Google and MacOS operating systems expertise and can advise impartially on an excellent exclusive or mixed network infrastructure along with RD Web Access.

Email Provider Support

School email providers such as Google Workspace for Education, Office 365 and the London Grid for Learning (LGFL) offer something different for staff and pupils. Email should be integrated with your school’s online teaching resources, whether you use Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or Zoom.

We can offer guidance on all your options, a migration strategy and support in the future.

ICT Project Management for Schools

Classroom365 offers an ICT advisory service and consultancy support to schools, MATs, federations, and architects.

We can liaise with the LEA on new school builds and existing infrastructure projects, including ICT procurement, design management, planning, and rollout.

We can provide a reference from one of our existing clients.

Photocopiers for Schools and Print Management Services

We offer print management software advice, installation, and a support service contract if requested. Solutions include Papercut for schools to dramatically reduce the cost of printing, save paper and control printer usage between staff and pupil users.

Our cost-effective, transparent school photocopier leasing packages on a simple cost-per-page plan are available for all educational establishments.

ICT Leasing for Schools and Extended Warranties

An ICT lease for schools is a great way to quickly purchase new computers, iPads and devices and install and use them! The leasing option is often a viable, cost-effective solution to spread payments for new computer resources over several years.

We also offer extended warranties for ICT hardware that has passed the manufacturer’s guarantee.

For a free no-obligation quote, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the benefit of ICT leasing.

Electrical Work for Schools and PAT Testing

Classroom365 provides electrical installation service and testing by qualified electricians. Our electricians conform to the IEE code of practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment (ISITEE).

We can offer impartial information and guidance, whether rewiring, new electrical sockets, PAT testing contractors or technical tools for our customers.

ICT Suite Design and Fitting

Classroom365 can help design and build your custom ICT suite. Whether it’s complete refurbishment with pre-built desks, some new benching or ICT suite pods, we can give advice on costs and focus on what design layouts will work for your school.

We will include electrical work and network cabling for a one-stop professional solution to fulfil your request.

School ICT Services and Technical Solutions for Education

Primary ICT Services and Secondary Service Support

ICT services for schools and how we can help

Classroom365’s team has worked closely with schools since we started with Southwark LEA many years ago. Over the years, our ICT service for schools range has increased as technology, and distribution channels have advanced, leading to more competitive pricing across the ICT infrastructure spectrum. We aim to continue improving and ensuring outstanding value for money for your educational establishment. That includes recommending the correct products with informed and knowledgeable information, answering difficult technical questions, and responding immediately to any ICT concerns.

Please get in touch with us today for more details on improving technical services for your primary or secondary school. An excellent reference is always available!

ICT Services for Schools in London and ICT Installations for Education

Classroom365 ICT Service Installation Partners

School ICT services and installation partnerships

Classroom365 can supply ICT technology, such as laptops for teachers, iPads and interactive whiteboards at wholesale education prices through suppliers that do not make retail sales.

We do not sell any non-brand or build your own type of computers, and most hardware has a three-year warranty as standard.

Our trusted partners include the following:

  • Dell and HP server and desktop hardware
  • Cisco, Allied Telecom and D-Link network switches
  • Xerox, Kyocera, Brother and Ricoh printers and photocopiers
  • Ruckus Wireless
  • Smart Technologies and Sahara Clevertouch

iPads are a good example; we can offer excellent prices well under the recommended retail price.

Bulk discounts are always available.

Our ICT services for schools are always competitive, and we welcome comparisons. We are happy to receive an enquiry for a quotation, no matter how large or small. Along with the installation services, we support them as well, both onsite and online. If your need an iPad app pushed out immediately, our technical support team can do this. Our support packages for the ICT services we provide are detailed here.

All sales and installation invoices are issued on 30-day terms and conditions, and we will always endeavour to satisfy your requirements.

Invoices are only issued once there is complete satisfaction with our clients.

School ICT Services and Accreditations for ICT Services in Schools

Our Technicians Providing ICT Services for Schools Are DBS Checked and Accredited With ICT Related Qualifications

ICT support accreditations and resellers for schools with Classroom365