SMART Board Pens – Replacement Pen and Eraser Sets

Replacement SMART Board pens are hard to find, and prices vary online. As a SMART Partner, Classroom365 can source accessories such as a SMART Board pen and eraser set directly from SMART Technologies or our network of third-party suppliers.

There can be compatibility issues between the different models, so choosing the correct interactive whiteboard pen is essential, not just aesthetically.

smart board pens and replacement nibs

Our easy-to-understand chart details the product codes you need for your SMART Board so you can find the correct SMART Board pen or contact us with the form below for a free quote.

Product Codes for Pens, Erasers and Replacement Nibs

SMART Board Pens
SMART Board ModelItemProduct Code (SKU)
MX SeriesPen1035668
MX SeriesNib1037955
GX seriesPen1035246
600 SeriesPen TrayFRU-PT13-D
7000 ProEraser1030772
7000RPen (4 x Colours)1033131
7000 (Education)Pen (4 x Colours)1031748
7000 (Business)Pen1031749
Podium 624PenSMAR-1031067
Podium ID SeriesPen45-00007-20
Podium SP518/524PenSMAR-20-01545-20
400 SeriesPenRPEN-SBID4
500 & 600 SeriesPens and Eraser SetSMAR-RPEN-ER
X800Pens and Eraser SetRPEN-ER-SBX8
6000 SeriesPenSMAR-1028646
6000SPens + Magnetic HolderTS-4PEN-MC
8000 SeriesPenRPEN-SBID

To find the exact model of your SMART Board, look on the left-hand side of the panel. Please note that there are different variants of the same board, and they require different pens.

There are a lot of different models, and buying the correct replacement SMART Board pen is essential. If you don’t, you may experience interactivity problems, broken lines or the curser jumping about.

Some pens require batteries, and some don’t. For more information on finding the model number, please visit the SMART Technologies website; all models are covered here.

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smart board pen and eraser set

SMART Board Pen Price and Availability

Pen and SMART Board eraser prices vary between the models; for example, the SMART Board GX series of interactive boards use a single pen that is easy to find online, although prices vary. Likewise, the SMART MX Series uses a single pen and the 7000 series a set of 4 pens. We can do this and give availability advice if you need a quote.

Schools can order with an official purchase order.

We keep some refurbished parts in our workshop, such as pen trays, as they are costly to purchase for older boards. If you need an installation service, please visit our page on interactive screens for classrooms.

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