Clevertouch Clevershare – Collaboration Software for Schools

What is Clevershare from Clevertouch?

Clevertouch Clevershare is a collaborative software that enables multimedia content sharing between wireless devices and an interactive screen from Clever touch.

Also known as screen mirroring that you may use at home, this suits classrooms, as up to 50 devices can be connected and 9 shown simultaneously.

With our accredited interactive screen installations for schools, we will install and set up your new Clevershare environment. It’s so easy, and you can find the download links below if you need to update.

Please complete the contact form below to find out more.

clevershare app download for windows

How Do I Use Clevershare?

If you have had a new Clevertouch IMPACT Lux 75 interactive panel, a Plus Gen 2 or Max display installed of any size, then here is what you need to do:

  • Visit the Clevertouch download page to get the latest software.
  • There are downloads for Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. IOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android downloads for phones and tablets are on the same page.
  • For the Clevershare app to work seamlessly, all devices must be on the same network. They all need to be connected if you have a school wireless network. Your ICT support technician will be able to help here, and don’t forget that your Clevertouch Display needs connecting as well!

Additional options include:

  • A USB dongle for corporate environments where changing the settings is not allowed.
  • Advanced features include enhanced encryption and a hotspot option if your school Wi-Fi is unreliable and you need to fall back on a secondary wireless connection.

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Now open the Clevershare app, scan the QR code or enter the password displayed.

That’s it! In the app, you can share what is on the camera, stream or share files from cloud storage. You can even use your phone as a remote control.

Does it sound like chaos will ensue?

Rest assured, the Presenter, i.e. the Teacher, is in complete control, and only they can grant access to what is being shared.

clevertouch clevershare 2 software

How Much Does Clevershare Software Cost?

It’s free, and there are no subscription charges. Clevershare is designed to be used alongside the LYNX software app for creating digital learning content.

If you already have a Clevertouch screen, it’s available for download from the link above or the iTunes store. If you have a digital whiteboard from another manufacturer, it will not work.

Please visit our Clevertouch support page for further information, or contact us to enquire about our wide range of interactive whiteboards for classrooms.

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