Crown Commercial Framework Supplier – TePAS 2 RM6098

Exciting news! Classroom365 has been awarded approved supplier status on the Crown Commercial Framework, the UK government’s scheme to simplify the procurement of hardware and services for the public sector, recently extended to October 2027.

What does this mean for schools and multi-academy trusts?

As an official supplier on the RM6098 Technology Products and Associated Services 2 (TePAS 2) framework, Classroom365 will benefit schools and MATs from its expertise in everything ICT-related, whether infrastructure hardware and ICT equipment procurement or technical services for the education sector.

We are official suppliers on the following RM6098 lots:

  • Lot 6 – Education Technology
  • Lot 8 – Technology Catalogue
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Please complete the contact form below to learn more about the Crown Commercial Services Framework and Classroom365’s involvement. You can find us here as one of the RM6098 suppliers.

CCS TePAS 2 – Technology Products and Associated Services 2

The TePAS 2 Framework enables public sector organisations to buy technical ICT equipment and the associated services simply and efficiently. ICT suppliers on the framework have gone through a rigorous approval and vetting process to be trusted by the Crown Commercial Service. Classroom365 is proud to be an education specialist on the CCS framework.

There are 8 “lots,” which are categories into which the procurement process of hardware and services is divided. Classroom365 is on the following CCS framework lots:

Lot 6: Education Technology

Education specialist suppliers cover the procurement of services and hardware for the education sector. As of May 2024, Classroom365 is one of 50 suppliers on the RM6098 Lot 6.

Lot 8: Technology Catalogue

An online catalogue of technical hardware and services enables schools and other buyers to purchase directly from CCS suppliers. The Classroom365 catalogue is continually updated and suitable for ad-hoc hardware purchases and simple ICT services for schools and multi-academy trusts.

For example, if a school wants a quick and easy way to purchase a class set of iPads preconfigured or an interactive SMART Board for teaching, the catalogue offers price comparisons between suppliers. However, better and up-to-date pricing is usually available by contacting the CCS supplier, including Classroom365, directly.

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Why Use the Crown Commercial Services Framework?

A Crown Commercial Services (CCS) supplier has been approved to supply hardware, contracts and services to the UK public sector under specific framework agreements.

Classroom365, as an ICT specialist in education, provides schools and multi-academy trusts with the following benefits:

  • Increased competitiveness as buyers can compare prices offered by different CCS suppliers. This is particularly useful with the CCS Technology Catalogue (Lot 8).
  • Transparency with a strict tendering process for larger-scale procurement and ICT project management with new school builds are good examples.
  • Because of the vetting and investigation process with all new suppliers, you can trust a provider listed on the CCS approved suppliers list.
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If you would like to learn more about Classroom365 and our education IT services, please get in touch.

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