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In your home, have you noticed you have great home WiFi in your daughter’s bedroom but not in your sons?  Or maybe your home office works fine on Wi-Fi to check emails. Still, when you try watching BBC iPlayer on a Smart TV, the TV plays the annoying rotating circle indicating buffering, weak signal strength and overall a poor WiFi experience?

It is unfortunate that wireless router hardware issued by big broadband providers can be of poor quality and is inadequate to cover an entire home network. It may not be your internet connection is to blame.

In addition to this, your home Wi-Fi may be unable to intelligently adapt to compensate for Wi-Fi from your neighbour’s homes or other surrounding buildings.  Poor performance and Wi-Fi issues are widespread.

Now imagine a school with 30+ iPads in a classroom and 30+ laptops in the room next door?

Ruckus Wireless for Schools Installation Solutions Including WiFi Site Surveys

Classroom365 provides managed WiFi solutions that work using the latest high speed wireless technology, ensuring this is not only viable but works, guaranteed. We have been doing this for over ten years for schools across London and the South East.

A New School WiFi Installation by the WiFi Specialists at Classroom365

Wi-Fi for schools installation – a different approach?

A school is not just much bigger than a home; it’s often the case that it is an old building constructed in a certain way, with materials that block WiFi signal strength completely.

The WiFi for schools network must be secure and reliable. Students and teachers benefit from minimal disruption to class lessons, with stable WiFi solutions now being an integral part of a school’s ICT infrastructure. Network security is, of course, of paramount importance.

While it is true that technology has helped school Wi-Fi networks become more reliable, it remains the case that the correctly chosen hardware, planning, installation, and set-up is key to a reliable school wireless network design.

Classroom365 offers wireless installation services that will install school WiFi networks that achieve the following:

  • A high number of WiFi devices in a relatively small space.
  • A Classroom365 school WiFi installation can easily cope with 30+ laptops or 30+ iPads in one classroom or ICT suite, with no impact on the performance of the WiFi in the rest of the building. This works regardless of the number of other WiFi signals from facilities in the surrounding area.
  • Setting up a school Wi-Fi network that covers your entire building.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) so students, teachers and external staff can connect securely to the school Wi-Fi without compromising network security, passwords or security services.

Classroom365 technicians will survey your entire building using WiFi tools and practical experience and propose plans to cover the school with the best Wi-Fi coverage and the lowest possible overall cost.

This will allow teachers the flexibility to use WiFi devices in any suitable area.

Classroom365 is dedicated to the education sector, and we know what Wi-Fi solutions work and are highly recommended and what simply doesn’t.

Wireless Coverage and WiFi Signal Strength in Schools

School WiFi coverage for streaming audio and video without buffering

By combining the right hardware choice of wireless technology, such as the optimal access point distribution and wireless controller setup, with over a decade of experience installing enterprise-class WiFi networks in educational institutions, Classroom365 can ensure sound and video can be streamed to school wireless devices without the usual issues of poor performance you may have encountered in your home or with your previous school WiFi network. Complete and reliable WiFi coverage is guaranteed with a Classroom365 WiFi installation.

You can expect an excellent experience and optimal network coverage using audio/video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and YouTube, along with the most secure WiFi network security for the perfect education WiFi solution for your school.

Managed Ruckus wifi for schools installation and configurations

How to Connect a Laptop or iPad to a School WiFi – BYOD School Policy

Bring your own device for schools and colleges – BYOD for schools

Wi-Fi for Schools BYOD Support in Education for London Schools

Bring your own device is now standard, with students and teachers having laptops and working or studying at home and then bringing them into school. A secure school Wi-Fi network is imperative, and network security is not compromised. A Classroom365 school wireless installation can enable wireless login and simple password changes without compromising government guidelines guaranteeing high speed and great WiFi service for school BYOD devices.

Along with iPads and other mobile devices, did you know you can wirelessly stream directly to your school’s interactive whiteboards? The latest screens have Wi-Fi functionality and can work independently from your network or the connected desktop; so that they can be used instantly.

WiFi Connections Between Remote Buildings – WiFi Bridges for Schools and Repeaters

School wireless bridge – what if a school has buildings not connected with computer wires or fibre?

Suppose you have outbuildings or even temporary buildings where getting physical cables or fibre to them is prohibitively costly or impossible. In that case, Classroom365 can install a secure, safe, reliable, and cost-effective Ruckus wireless network to other buildings via a Wi-Fi bridge. A good example would be two sites of the same school with a road running through.

Just like the central part of the school, these buildings can have connected devices such as network printers, WiFi, and other devices with or without physical cables. Network drives and other resources in the school will work in just the same way using a school wireless bridge connecting the local area network.

A WiFi in schools consultation and installation provided by Classroom365 will cover all the variables involved in setting up a secure wireless bridge. Please contact us for references across a comprehensive range of educational institutions.

WiFi Site Survey and Audit for Schools across London and the South East

School wireless survey – Free consultation for your new WiFi for schools network design

The first step is to get in contact for an informal chat, and we can find out a bit of background regarding your exact requirements and your schools internet connection. We will then arrange a site visit and conduct a free school WiFi survey of your school, looking at the network infrastructure and your existing school wireless.

We will collect information and investigate:

  • The existing wireless network installation, cabling, and if new ethernet cable runs will be required.
  • New network points for the access points.
  • The internal network speed and switching infrastructure.
  • POE requirements in existing data cabinets.
  • Structural layout of the school, such as wall partitions or solid walls separating rooms.
  • Addressing poor WiFi signal areas and how they can be overcome.
School wireless site survey consultations for London and the South East

Once completed, we will provide information, great advice and a simple, easy-to-understand Wi-Fi solutions report and quotation for your school based on our findings and recommendations.

Wireless Networks for Schools – WiFi Problems Affecting WiFi Coverage in Schools

School Wi-Fi solutions – considerations:

  • Building type and thickness of walls.
  • Areas that need full wireless coverage include classrooms, offices, halls, and outdoor spaces.
  • Will new cabling be required, or existing network points be rerouted?
  • How many devices such as iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and even interactive touch panels can run independently on Wi-Fi.
  • Switching infrastructure, including fibre and POE requirements.
  • How many people will be using the school WiFi network?
  • Does your school suffer from slow internet speeds? There could be problems unrelated to the mobile technology being used.
  • A predictive wireless site survey design can be helpful for new school builds as building floor plans show network point locations, and a wireless design layout can be estimated for maximum network coverage. However, in our WiFi experience, there is no substitute for an onsite free WiFi consultation site visit, an essential part of planning for a new WiFi solution for your school and the best way forward to solving school Wi-Fi issues.
Wifi installations for schools in London and the South East

High Speed WiFi Installation and Goodbye to WiFi Issues and Slow Internet Speeds

Wireless installations for schools – what happens next?

After your free school WiFi consultation, we will provide a quotation for recommended Wi-Fi solutions for your school. This will include hardware, Wi-Fi installation and optimal wireless setup for your school as per the following:

  • A cloud or onsite wireless controller. This manages the performance of the Wi-Fi access points. Access points do not work independently but as part of a team, constantly changing their bandwidth and wireless channels to optimise the signal for their location.
  • The number of Wi-Fi access points required. This is a significant variable dependent on the school building structure and layout. This is why a site visit and wireless survey audit is so important.
  • The support package with a Classroom365 Wi-Fi for schools network is three years as standard or extended to five years. All hardware is under warranty and will be replaced in the unlikely event of a failure, free of charge. Should a site visit be required, this can all be arranged accordingly. Please visit our home page for more details on our highly recommended ICT Service Level Agreements.
  • Any structured network cabling and switches required to connect each Wi-Fi access point to the network. In most cases, a POE switch is preferable to provide power to the access points removing the requirement for an electrical connection to the wireless access point.
  • WiFi configuration, end-user training and handover.

Contact us for some free advice and a no-obligation quote.

WiFi Installation for Schools in London Education Establishments

School Wireless Case Studies for London and South East Educational Establishments

WiFi installations for schools: London secondary school case study

We completed a complete infrastructure overhaul, including the wireless upgrade of this large secondary school in Southwark, South East London, within the specified budget during the summer of 2021.

There was a mixture of wireless access points around the site, all cloud-managed. Most APs were released in 2012, and support ended in 2016. The access points should not have been purchased past 2016 as this put a minimum age of 5 years on the product.  The maximum speed these access points reached was 450Mbps.

Our findings determined some of the older APs were not working and, as they were released in 2011, were incompatible with the existing cloud controller. There were many WiFi problems, and the existing WiFi installation needed urgent attention.

After upgrading, we achieved close to 850Mbps across the school, providing a wireless connection almost as good as a hard-wired connection. With hundreds of network devices being used simultaneously across the network, multiple devices now use the WiFi concurrently with robust connectivity for video conferencing and other wireless services.

We also found many access points were located too far apart to provide robust Wi-Fi around the school; the thickness and structure of the walls hindered the signal from reaching farther than the room they were in. This is all too common in Victorian schools in our experience.  Since these APs were current, the number of packets transmitted wirelessly had increased and subsequently, demands on the WiFi network had reached capacity.

Therefore, strategic positions across the school required a higher calibre access point running as close to 1000Mbps as possible. In many cases running Cat6 cabling back to a comms cabinet to a POE switch to power each new access point.

Ongoing management includes regular visual and online checks of the APs to ensure they are functioning correctly. These form part of our constant weekly network checks with the school’s ICT support service level agreement.

WiFi Solutions for Schools and Wireless Installation Services for London

Our School WiFi Installers Are DBS Checked, and We Are Accredited WiFi Suppliers to the Education Sector

School WiFi Installation Services for London Education Establishments