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WiFi for Schools – School Wireless Networks

Classroom365 Wireless for Schools Installation Services:

In your home, have you noticed your WiFi works fine in your daughter’s bedroom but not in your sons?  Or maybe your iPhone works fine on WiFi to check emails, but when you try watching BBC iPlayer on a Smart TV, the TV simply plays the annoying rotating circle indicating buffering?

It is an unfortunate fact that hardware issued by big broadband providers can be of poor quality and is inadequate to cover an entire home.

In addition to this, your home WiFi may be unable to intelligently adapt to compensate for WiFi from your neighbour’s homes or other surrounding buildings.  Poor performance is very common.

Ruckus wireless for schools that include site surveys, installations and support

WiFi in schools – a different approach?

A school is not just much bigger than a home, it’s often the case that it is an old building that’s been constructed in a certain way, with materials that block WiFi signals completely.

For a school, the WiFi for schools network must be secure and reliable.

While it is true that technology has helped WiFi networks become more reliable, it remains the case that the correctly chosen hardware, planning, installation, and setup is key to a reliable WiFi network.

Classroom365 offers wireless installation services that will install school WiFi networks that achieve the following:

  1. A high number of WiFi devices in a relatively small space.
  2. A Classroom365 WiFi network can easily cope with 30+ laptops or 30+ iPads in one classroom or ICT suite, with little or no impact on the performance of the WiFi in the rest of the building.  This just works regardless of the number of other WiFi signals from buildings in the surrounding area.
  3. WiFi that covers your entire building.

Classroom365 technicians will survey your entire building using WiFi tools and practical experience and propose plans to cover the school with the best coverage and the lowest possible overall cost.

This will allow teachers the flexibility to use WiFi devices in any suitable area.

Capacity for streaming audio and video without buffering and break up.

Combining the right choice of hardware and over a decade of experience installing enterprise-class WiFi networks in educational settings, sound and video can be streamed to wireless devices without the usual issues of poor performance you may have encountered in your home, or with your previous school WiFi network.

You can expect an excellent experience using audio/video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and YouTube.

Wireless networks for schools and wifi installs for schools

What if a school has buildings that are not connected with computer wires or fibre?

If you have outbuildings or even temporary buildings where getting physical cables or fibre to them is prohibitively costly or impossible, Classroom365 can install secure, safe, reliable, and cost-effective Ruckus wireless networks to other buildings. A good example would be two sites of the same school with a road running through.

Just like the main part of the school, these buildings can have network printers, WiFi, and other devices with or without physical cables.  Network drives and other resources in the school will work in just the same way, by means of a wireless bridge.

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