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Following the lead from the Australian Department of Education, mobile phones will soon be banned from UK schools. Mobile phone lockers for schools are a great way to safeguard students’ property and their safety to and from school. Students do not have to leave their phones at home, and phone lockers are the perfect solution to the banning restrictions. Classroom365 recommend the best phone lockers:

  • “Virtually” indestructible”. Let’s face it: Everything can be broken, but the rubbish metal lockers for phones available can be bent with a screwdriver in seconds. These are made of polyethylene. Yes, plastic is stronger and more secure!
  • Colourful and modular design. They come in sets of 4 compartments with a choice of 25 colours.
  • Choice of locks. 90% of schools choose a combination lock, which is physically attached to the locker. Don’t worry – master keys are supplied!
phone lockers for schools

A wall of students’ phones in lockers will have £1,000’s in value, and insurance could be a problem if all the phones are stolen because of the poor quality lockers installed. Schools need the most secure and effective phone locker solution. As they are primarily installed in hallways, it would be a good idea to install CCTV cameras if you haven’t already. Classroom365 provides CCTV and security systems for schools – we will happily advise.

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What Makes Our Phone Lockers Different?

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Whether you choose a standard or mobile charging locker with the USB add-on, these are the best storage options for mobile phones. Cheaper metal options may affect your insurance premiums!

A determined thief can easily bend metal phone lockers. The lockers we recommend are made of tough polyethylene that cannot be bent or broken. Many differences distinguish them from the competition, making them the best solution for securing valuable items, not just phones.

  • Unbreakable doors and hinges.
  • 15-year warranty. Metal lockers for phones often only come with a 1 to 3-year warranty.
  • Rounded corners and edges – no sharp bits where metal joins metal.
  • Quiet! Being plastic, they don’t make a noise with the rough and tumble of students slamming the doors shut.
  • USB charging accessories can be added as an additional cost.
  • They are large enough for all types of phones and valuables. However, they are not designed or big enough for iPads or tablets. iPad storage and charging solutions from Classroom365 have their own dedicated page.
  • The phone lockers are modular, with each having 4 compartments. So, if you need storage for 40 phones, you would purchase 10 phone lockers.
  • Combination, padlock, and RFID locking options are available. We recommend the padlock locking solution, with the padlock permanently attached to the locker. The combination padlock solution is secure, effective, and can be overridden by a master key.
lockers for mobile phones

Mobile Phone Charging Lockers

Mobile phone lockers with chargers are another option for schools considering investing in phone storage. A USB charging port for each compartment can be ordered for an additional cost and installed retroactively.

Most schools do not order these as they want the phones locked away for the day, and they are deemed an unnecessary extra cost. However, they are a nice touch if you purchase phone lockers for staff!

If you are interested in the price of mobile phone charging lockers, please do get in touch with us. There are discounts with bulk purchases above 50 lockers.

Remember, 50 lockers provide storage for 200 phones and further discounts are available.

mobile phone charging lockers for schools

Mobile Phone Policy for Schools

The DfE has written comprehensive guidance for a school mobile phone policy that any school can quickly implement. In the PDF linked here, the DfE mentions and suggests mobile phone lockers to keep schools phone-free. There are other options of course:

  • An outright ban on phones on the school premises.
  • Handing in phones to teaching staff on arrival.
  • Letting students keep their phones on the condition that they are switched off and never used or seen.

There are implications for all these, from staff admin to student security. Lockers for mobile phones will solve pretty much all the potential problems. The only drawback we can see is the initial cost and the space needed. Luckily, it’s a one-off cost, and with education leasing from Classroom365, you can spread payments over 5 years with a bulk purchase.

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