Editorial Policy for Classroom365’s Website

This editorial policy outlines the standards and procedures for submitting and publishing content on Classroom365’s website to maintain the integrity and quality of information provided to our readers.

Content Submission

  1. Author Eligibility:

    • Submissions are open to educators, IT professionals, and experts in the field of educational technology.
  2. Originality:

    • All content must be original, not previously published elsewhere, and plagiarism-free.
  3. Relevance:

    • Topics must be relevant to information technology in education and provide actionable insights for our audience.
  4. Evidence-Based:

    • Credible research or case studies must support claims. Sources should be cited according to our citation guidelines.

Content Review and Approval

  1. Editorial Review:

    • Each submission undergoes a review by our editorial team to ensure adherence to our content standards.
  2. Content Quality:

    • Content must be well-written, factually accurate, and informative. Classroom365 reserves the right to reject any content that does not meet our quality standards.
  3. Edits and Revisions:

    • The editorial team may suggest changes or request revisions before publication. Authors must agree to collaborate on necessary edits.
  4. Final Approval:

    • Only after thorough review and necessary revisions will the content be approved for publication.

Publishing Standards

  1. Non-promotional:

    • Content must prioritise educational value over self-promotion or product promotion.
  2. Transparency:

    • Any potential conflicts of interest or affiliations must be disclosed.
  3. Accessibility:

    • Content should be accessible to a broad audience, avoiding unnecessary jargon or complex terminology without explanation.


  1. Rights and Ownership:

    • Once published, content becomes the property of Classroom365, although authors will always be credited.
  2. Updates and Accuracy:

    • Classroom365 reserves the right to update content to maintain accuracy over time.
  3. Feedback and Corrections:

    • We welcome reader feedback and will make corrections to ensure content accuracy.

Ethical Considerations

  1. Inclusivity:

    • Content should be inclusive and respectful of all individuals and groups.
  2. Integrity:

    • Authors should uphold the highest ethical standards, providing honest and unbiased information.

Submission Process

  • Prospective authors should submit their content via the designated submission platform, following all outlined instructions and formatting guidelines.

Enforcement and Amendments

  • Classroom365 reserves the right to amend these guidelines as necessary and enforce compliance with all aspects of this policy.

By submitting content for consideration, authors agree to adhere to this editorial policy. Our commitment is to ensure that Classroom365 remains a trusted and valuable resource for the educational technology community.

For more information about Classroom365 and our policies, please visit our About, Terms and Conditions, Net Zero, Disclaimer, GDPR Compliance and Privacy Policy pages.

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