Modern Slavery Statement and Ethical Purchasing Standards


All procurement agreements between Classroom365 Limited and its Suppliers.


  1. Introduction:

    Classroom365 Limited (“Classroom365”) is committed to ensuring our supply chain reflects our ethical values. This Ethical Purchasing Standards Policy (“this Policy”) outlines our social, environmental, and ethical compliance requirements per the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015. This Policy works with Classroom365’s Business Principles, promoting fair working conditions and responsible management of social, ethical, and environmental issues.

  2. General Requirements:

    2.1. The term “Supplier” denotes not just the corporate entity but extends to officers, employees, contractors, subcontractors, and agents associated with the Supplier.
    2.2. Suppliers must abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and standards within their operating countries, with a special emphasis on laws preventing modern slavery and human trafficking.
    2.3. Suppliers are encouraged to uphold and communicate this Policy to their supply chain, ensuring a ripple effect of ethical practices.

  3. Monitoring, Corrective Action, and Reporting:

    3.1. Suppliers must actively monitor, address, and rectify non-compliant activities within this Policy’s ambit.
    3.2. Serious violations of this Policy should be immediately reported to Classroom365, with joint efforts to set a corrective action plan.
    3.3. Any violation may be deemed a material breach of contract, allowing Classroom365 to exercise its legal rights.
    3.4. Classroom365 may review Supplier’s compliance. Suppliers should provide Classroom365 or its appointed third-party agents with necessary access for evaluations, with the possibility of joint audits.

  4. Principles:

Child Labour:

4.1.1. Child labour is strictly forbidden. Employment must align with the legal age stipulations of the respective country.
4.1.2. Persons below 18 must not be engaged in hazardous, night-time, or potentially harmful activities.
4.1.3. If underage employment is detected, the Supplier must prioritise the child’s welfare, ensuring rehabilitative measures are in place.

Forced Labour:

4.2.1. Classroom365 strictly opposes any form of forced, bonded, or compulsory labour, including slavery and human trafficking. This stands in alignment with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015.
4.2.2. Employment must be voluntary, with employees having the right to leave or terminate their positions with a fair notice period.
4.2.3. Retaining employees’ identification documents or imposing financial obligations as employment conditions are forbidden.


4.3.1. Discrimination in any form is unacceptable. All employment procedures must be unbiased and fair, from hiring to termination.
4.3.2. Suppliers should actively ensure equal opportunity, eliminating discrimination at all employment stages.

Anti-bribery, Corruption, and Individual Conduct:

4.4.1. Bribery is strictly prohibited, per the UK Bribery Act 2010.
4.4.2. Suppliers must foster an anti-bribery culture, ensuring all associates are educated about its principles.

Fraud and Money Laundering:

4.5.1. Suppliers must comply with international standards and UK fraud and money laundering laws, maintaining proactive anti-fraud systems.

Health & Safety:

4.6.1. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment per UK and international health and safety laws.
4.6.2. Health and safety measures must be communicated and enforced uniformly.
4.6.3. Proactive risk assessment and hazard management must be implemented.
4.6.4. Adequate training should be provided, ensuring competency in upholding health and safety obligations.
4.6.5. Emergency response systems and accident reporting mechanisms should be in place.


4.7.1. Suppliers must adhere to environmental legislation and international norms.
4.7.2. Environmental management systems must be actively implemented.
4.7.3. All required environmental permits should be obtained and maintained.
4.7.4. Suppliers must manage and, where possible, avoid hazardous materials and chemicals in alignment with the EU’s REACH regulations.
4.7.5. Air pollutants and emissions should be controlled, and if Classroom365 mandates, greenhouse gas emissions should be monitored and reduced.


At Classroom365, we staunchly oppose modern human slavery in every form, a grave crime that has no place in our business or supply chains. Our Modern Human Slavery Policy is our active step towards detecting, preventing, and addressing any hint of such exploitation within our operations. Through close collaboration with our staff, suppliers, and partners, we’re determined to influence the global stance against modern slavery, pushing for a just and fair world.

We will revisit and refine this policy, ensuring its efficacy routinely. For any inquiries or reports concerning modern slavery, contact us.

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