Clevertouch Support and Training

Several Clevertouch support services are provided with your new Clevertouch installation and for the panel’s lifetime. These include technical support along with feature-specific Clevertouch training. The number of training sessions is unlimited, and your product specialist will be available to answer any technical-related questions.

As an accredited Clevertouch supplier and installer, we can book training for you directly with Sahara AV. Support for interactive whiteboards from Classroom365 can resolve hardware and software issues, including out-of-warranty whiteboard repairs.

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clevertouch support and training

Clevertouch Training for Schools and Colleges

Classroom365 and the Clevertouch training services team will be available for pre and post-installation to deliver in-person or virtual training, depending on your preference.

The available training sessions available include:

General Clevertouch Screen Use

This training guides staff using a Clevertouch screen with a connected device, casting software or the in-built Android 11 module.

LYNX Whiteboard and Clevershare Software

This training encompasses using the teaching and presentation LYNX Whiteboard app with the Clevershare collaboration tools. The software training can be split between department groups to ensure they get the best-tailored experience.

CleverLive Digital Signage

All Clevertouch screens include the Clevertouch Live digital signage platform at no extra cost. One of the CleverLive digital signage teams can run through how to set this up and get the best use out of the built-in signage – for example, fire alerts and idle screen signage displaying presentations or multimedia of your choosing.

Clevertouch Board Support With the Clevertouch MDM

As standard, the screens include five years of device management with the Clevertouch MDM. Full training and ongoing support will ensure you get the best out of your interactive whiteboards, keeping your school or college network compliant and safe in line with Cyber Essentials requirements.

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Clevertouch Support and Advanced Training

Clevertouch offers advanced training to ICT leads to ensure they are equipped to answer questions from teachers on technical issues or more advanced screen use. There is also the option to set up Microsoft Teams to ensure staff have a direct line to technical staff.

clevertouch screen support

Clevertouch Online Training

Along with live, in-person sessions, Sahara AV also has a large number of resources available online for staff to learn about the benefits of teaching with a Clevertouch interactive whiteboard:

Further education-specific videos

Due to the unique requirements of colleges and universities, Clevertouch’s further education team provide several short-form videos to share with staff to allow them to get up to speed as soon as possible without having to attend a training session or spend time watching complete tutorials.

YouTube channel

The Clevertouch YouTube channel contains introductory videos and complete tutorials and videos for staff who want to find additional features they may not have seen or to refresh themselves on how to use features of the screen and software.

Clevertouch Academy

The Academy provides staff with full tutorial videos on every feature the Clevertouch board and accompanying software offers. The Academy also provides fully certified courses on various subjects such as digital signage, advanced troubleshooting and the LYNX Whiteboard software.


Qualified teachers deliver online seminars on the complete product range throughout the year. This allows staff who would like to pick up some tips to expand their understanding of the hardware and Clevertouch apps they use. If there are further unique training requirements, they can be arranged directly through Classroom365 and Clevertouch Technologies.

clevertouch digital signage with clevershare
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