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Newline interactive panels are a newcomer to the affordable digital whiteboard market and are proving popular with the education and business sectors. The Newline Lyra price is affordable and comes with a comprehensive software suite. It is an excellent choice for schools looking to save money, and the Newline specs match the industry leaders.

A Newline interactive panel has the following features:

  • A wide range of sizes 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″ and 98″.
  • The Newline warranty is 5 years for education and 3 years for their standard warranty.
  • High-powered 2 x 20W speakers.
  • Android 11 operating system with a free upgrade to Android 13 coming soon.
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Newline Interactive Whiteboard Software

Every Newline interactive whiteboard includes the following interactive software:

Newline Whiteboard App

The most commonly used app is their whiteboard app, which has an interface similar to other touchscreen whiteboard brands common in education. In particular, those with a generic Android OS, such as the Iiyama touch screens and the Board Essential Series from BenQ. The usual colour pens and annotation tools are readily available, and a nice feature is that the screen can be split into 3, each with individual toolbars for multiple users to use simultaneously.

Newline Broadcast

Broadcast is Newline’s content-sharing software, enabling the streaming of files from the Newline interactive panel to any connected device with no apps to download. It is ideal for remote learning as the teacher can share classroom resources with any student.

Newline Engage

Newline’s interactive software can be installed on computers or from the cloud. This is the software to create new lessons and engaging teaching resources. The equivalent interactive whiteboard software is SMART Notebook, which many teachers are familiar with, or LYNX from Clevertouch Technologies.

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Newline Cast

Simple screen sharing and collaboration software that works in any browser and with no limit to the amount of connected users. You can also split the screen into a grid to showcase 4 separate streams, which is a great feature.

Newline’s Classroom Tools includes many other features, such as widgets, timers, and dice. All are free, unlike the SMART whiteboard cost from Classroom365 or any other interactive board supplier, where you need to purchase an additional subscription for the full functionality.

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Newline Specs for the Lyra Interactive Panel

The Newline Lyra interactive panel is the entry-level model for education. The Lyra has the following benefits for schools seeking low-cost electronic whiteboards over many of its rivals.

  • 4K high-resolution screen with TÜV certified anti-bacterial glass coating and blue light filter. 55″ to 98″ sizes are available.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C compatibility.
  • Front panel ports for USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI and a Mic port so teachers can quickly plug and play devices, such as classroom visualisers for teaching, a microphone or a USB stick. Rear panel ports include USB-C, 2 x HDMI and a display port.
  • Tailored home screens can be saved for individual teachers or students.
  • The Newline software suite above, along with the Newline App Store and display management. The Newline Display Management tool allows all the screens to be managed in the cloud, enabling administrators to install apps and push out messages, for example, emergency fire drills, to screens and remotely support with video or voice.
  • The long 5-year hardware Newline warranty for education matches those with SMART Technologies and Clevertouch.

The Newline Lyra shares all the advantages of an interactive board with the other popular brands over a dry whiteboard or projector installation.

For the latest Newline Lyra interactive whiteboard cost, please get in touch. There are significant discounts on online prices.

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Newline Tips and Tricks

How do you unlock a Newline board?

For security, it is a good idea to lock your Newline screen when it is unattended, like during lunchtime breaks. It is easy with a remote, and just one lock button press unlocks the screen. To unlock a Newline screen without a remote, swipe up with two fingers from the bottom of the screen to access the Quick Settings Menu and choose to unlock. Do the same to lock the screen. This unlocks the Android OS, so don’t forget to lock your Windows or Mac if you have one connected.

How to change the auto power off

If left unattended, your Newline interactive whiteboard will power off after a specific time. Like other interactive screens, you may want to change the default power-off period. To do this, access the Quick Settings and choose the Power Sub Menu. Here, you can change the time-out period, the auto-lock screen or energy-saving options.

How to clean a Newline board

The best way to clean a Newline board is to use screen wipes, as they won’t smear, scratch or damage the antibacterial coating. Alternatively, gently wipe gently with a soft microfibre cloth with minimal water. Do not spray any detergent or water directly onto the screen. Remember to turn off the Newline board at the mains electricity first.

How to use a document camera with a Newline board

Newline interactive boards have spare USB ports on the back and front console for document cameras, also known as visualisers and other accessories. If you have a dedicated document camera for your classroom, we recommend using a rear USB port to stop trailing cables from getting in the way.

Newline boards are compatible with all visualisers, including document cameras from SMART Technologies and cheaper models such as the Ladibug series.

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How Much Does a Newline Interactive Board Cost?

The price is the main attraction of a new Newline interactive panel for schools. Online prices should be ignored, and an authorised reseller for Newline, like Classroom365, is the best way to get a competitive cost. Big education discounts are available, making Newline Interactive a good option and a serious rival to the SMART Board GX market leader for cheap electronic whiteboards.

Please get in touch with us for further details on Newline interactive screens or our wide range of whiteboards for education.

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