Clevertouch IMPACT Series – Lux, Plus & Max for Education

The Clevertouch IMPACT series from Sahara AV is their top-selling interactive screen for education. The latest model is the Clevertouch IMPACT Lux, released in 2023 and is a significant upgrade on the IMPACT Plus – now heavily discounted for schools as they release old stock.

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  • Clevertouch IMPACT Lux is the latest board and features Google EDLA certification. This means full integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Suite (Office 365).
  • Clevertouch IMPACT Plus Gen 2 – Now heavily discounted for education (because it is being replaced with the Lux model in late 2023). It still has a fantastic specification, and while stocks last, it is an excellent upgrade from a projector whiteboard installation.
clevertouch impact 65

  • Clevertouch IMPACT Max – Ignore the terminology; this is a lower specification than the IMPACT Plus 2 and currently has a higher price. The IMPACT Plus is a better buy for schools.

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The Features and Specs of the Clevertouch IMPACT Lux

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The Clevertouch IMPACT Lux is the latest interactive panel from Sahara AV. There are many key upgrades and new features for the new IMPACT Lux series that are integrated into their new design:

  • The first is the Google EDLA certification. EDLA Google certification means the Clevertouch IMPACT Lux will work seamlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.
  • Easy access to teachers’ Google accounts, Google Drive, Photos and Docs directly from the Clevertouch Screen by logging into your Google Workspace account.
  • All the Google apps are preloaded and seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite. This includes Microsoft Teams for video conferencing.
  • 50 touch points, allowing multiple users to use the screen simultaneously.
  • Anti-bacterial glass creates a more hygienic classroom environment.
  • 2 x 20W speakers with 2 x 10W subwoofer means an additional soundbar is unnecessary.
  • Integrated NFC/RFID (you can use a card to log in to your account).
  • Palm rejection – IMPACT Lux knows if the touch was intentional or accidental.
  • Easily convert Promethean and SMART Notebook files (.notebook) using the built-in Clevertouch LYNX app for lesson planning and annotation.
  • Along with LYNX, CleverLive cloud content management, CleverMDM, and Cleverstore are all integrated and accessible with no subscription costs.

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clevertouch impact lux

Clevertouch IMPACT Plus Gen 2

The Clevertouch IMPACT Plus Gen 2 is the mid-range interactive screen from Sahara AV. It is currently being phased out and will be replaced by the new IMPACT Lux screen. It is still available now, and there are significant discounts for schools, particularly the IMPACT Plus 65″ model. These are the key features that differentiate the Plus Gen 2 from the IMPACT Max series, which is more expensive:

  • Dual USB-C connection with front-facing ports and 65W charging.
  • Additional subwoofer with front-facing speakers.
  • Higher-end chip sets with fast memory and power.
  • Higher grade inbuilt mic array.
  • Proximity and light sensors.
  • Available with a 55″ screen.

In common with the Lux model, it has a 4K high-resolution screen with infinity whiteboarding, meaning you will never run out of space on the screen.

Syncing Google accounts is easy with the Plus Gen 2, but the IMPACT Lux fully integrates with Google EDLA. The Plus Gen 2 runs an older Android operating system, using an Android 11 OS against the Lux’s Android 13 version.

The full suite of Clevertouch software, including Clevertouch LYNX and the content-sharing software Clevershare, is all included free of charge.

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impact plus gen 2 from Clevertouch Technologies

Comparison of the Clevertouch IMPACT Max to the IMPACT Plus Gen 2

The Clevertouch IMPACT Max series comes in 65″, 75″ and 86″, like the Lux range, although the Plus Gen 2 is also available in a 55″. A 55” screen is suitable for offices and smaller group rooms. The IMPACT Max is the most affordable screen from Clevertouch and is popular with schools as an alternative to the SMART Board GX series. The MAX is a slightly lower specification with the following differences reflecting its lower price point:

  • 32Gb Storage and 4Gb RAM against the 64Gb and 6Gb for the IMPACT Plus range.
  • Gen 1 bonded glass – the Clevertouch IMPACT Plus has Gen 2 zero bonding.
  • Only front-mounted USB-C ports, whereas the Plus also has side-mounted USB-C ports.
  • A 4K camera is not included, but it is optional.
  • There is no motion sensor, so it doesn’t “wake up” when you approach the screen.

With the arrival of the IMPACT Lux, the Clevertouch IMPACT Max remains competitively priced, but current deals for the Plus Gen 2 make it a better option for schools. Contact us to find out more about the latest deals from Clevertouch.

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