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Air conditioning for schools is becoming more critical with global warming and now global boiling! School server rooms must be kept cool to prevent hardware failure for servers, network switches and other IT hardware. There must be more than an open door (security issues) and a fan. A hot server not only risks hardware failure but performance is impacted too.

With our AC partner, we offer the following air conditioning services for schools:

  • Ducted or wall-mounted air conditioning installations.
  • A cost-effective and energy-efficient AC installation with low maintenance costs.
  • Reliable support and easy-to-operate controls.
  • Fast installation for server room priorities by certified air conditioning installers.
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  • Classroom AC installations and whole school air conditioning solutions.

Not all air conditioning systems are easy installations. If there is an external wall or window, it is much easier and cheaper. We will find the best solution, whatever the location.

Please complete our contact form below, and we can arrange a free site survey and quote based on your needs.

Air Conditioning Installation Services for Schools

Our air conditioning solution partner is experienced in installing air conditioning for server rooms, classrooms, and whole school solutions. The process is this:

  • Complete our contact form, or call us to get in touch.
  • We will book a site survey and arrange a free quotation for you. Unfortunately, giving an immediate quote is difficult as many variables exist. For example, the air conditioning unit’s location, the distance to an external wall or window, fittings, and power requirements.

Anyone offering a quick price means you should be sceptical.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit Hire for Schools

If you desperately need a portable air conditioning unit, then we can help.

Perhaps your school server is failing, or all the fans are going, making quite a noise.

It would be best to cool it down immediately; replacing it will be very costly. At Classroom365, we have seen this repeatedly when called out to repair school servers in emergencies. Walking into a server room without AC is sometimes a shock, even to the ICT support team from Classroom365.

Air Conditioning Installations - Free Quote

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Network spaces and server cabinets should be kept at around 18℃ for the right temperature.

The best solution, of course, is to prepare and prevent. An air conditioning installation for server rooms is the option here, but in an emergency, you can purchase a portable AC unit or hire one through our AC partner.

AC installations for schools are just one of the many services and installations we provide to educational establishments across the UK. Please find out more about the IT installation services from Classroom365.

air conditioning installation services for schools

Air Conditioning Systems for Schools

There are four main types of air conditioning units suitable for classrooms and server rooms in schools. An F-Gas certified engineer must install all air conditioning units.

Wall-mounted units

The most common and the most cost-effective cooling solution for small spaces and classrooms. Discreet, effective and low running costs, they can be timed or manually operated with remote control. These are the air conditioning systems for schools we install the most of.

Ceiling cassette units

Ideal for larger rooms with suspended ceilings, ceiling-mounted units are more powerful, with the airflow dispersed to allow for even cooling distribution. Like the wall-mounted air conditioning unit, they have an outdoor inverter heat pump connected via a duct.

Ducted air conditioning

Commonly installed in a suspended ceiling, ducted air conditioning systems consist of an AC unit, external heat pump and ducting so a single unit can pipe cool air to different rooms. Common in hotels and some modern flat developments, they are very discreet and quiet.

Water-cooled AC units

When an external unit cannot be installed due to listed building restrictions or isn’t feasible, the last resort is water-cooled AC. They cool using mains water and do not provide heat like the above can. They are more expensive to run, although they are still very effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best air conditioning for schools?

A Daiken R32 wall-mounted unit would be recommended for an average-sized room with a split system for sufficient cooling.

How much would it cost to install air conditioning to a school?

For a straightforward installation with an accessible window or an external wall, prices would start at around £1,500. Every additional variable will increase the cost of installation.

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