ICT Support for Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts

Classroom365’s ICT support includes dedicated onsite and remote support with experienced ICT technicians and third-line infrastructure specialists. We offer schools, academies and multi-academy trusts the following:

  • Our Gold, Silver, and Bronze service level agreements provide regular and reliable ICT support for schools, solving the technical problems that arise with technology in education.
  • Tailored ICT support for multi-academy trusts with a flexible, dedicated team that can move between school sites as needed.
  • ICT technical support for primary schools, children’s centres, and nurseries, including our dedicated ICT helpdesk service.
  • Remote, telephone and online technical support for small sites or offices that do not require dedicated onsite help.
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To find out more about how Classroom365 can help support your school with all things technical, please complete the contact form below.

What is ICT Technical Support from Classroom365?

Classroom365’s ICT technical support covers all day-to-day resolution of the problems associated with ICT in the classroom and the school’s administrative offices. But… it covers so much more than that, too. Our ICT technicians are not straight from school; they are experienced and qualified in server and network hardware, cloud and desktop software, and all the popular hardware found in schools. Read about them below!

Weekly Server and ICT Network Support

Weekly server checks for your network infrastructure are integral to the security and the optimal running of your school’s network. Our ICT support checklist includes the following for all our schools with dedicated support.

  • Checking onsite and offsite backups is critical now, given the increased occurrence of hacking, ransomware, and phishing attacks. No institution is 100% safe, but schools can minimise risk with a preventative approach and regular backups. If in doubt, ask our cyber security experts.
  • Antivirus updates are administered through a console with Panda, Sophos, Trend Micro, or any other antivirus provider. These MUST be checked weekly. Sometimes, devices drop out and don’t update. This happens and needs to be addressed by a proactive ICT support team.
  • If you are on the LGFL or another school broadband provider, Classroom365 checks the internet logs, updates internet filtering rules, and alerts you should there be a breach or request to open currently blocked websites. We have strict safeguarding and KCSIE procedures that all our staff comply with. Any requests must come from designated staff with authority.
  • Our backup server checks include checking for disk space. Nothing is more infuriating for teachers than being unable to save their lesson plans, documents and SMART Notebook files – Classroom365 recommends checking server hard drives weekly for space and faults: green light – good, orange light – warning, red light – investigate immediately!

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These tasks are critical for any school; whoever your ICT support company is, they must complete them. Check with your ICT support provider and ask for evidence. Finance audits are regular, and you will be asked to produce onsite and remote backup logs for the auditor of the school’s servers. Be prepared!

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ICT software support

  • Google Classroom and Workspace for Education Fundamentals – the popular Google solutions for schools.
  • Microsoft 365 and the Office versions commonly installed on desktops and laptops.
  • Classroom365 supports iPad and Mac solutions in the classroom and the popular MDM software – Meraki and Jamf School.
  • Popular curriculum software, including Target Tracker and Communicate in Print.

ICT hardware support

Classroom365 partners with a variety of ICT equipment suppliers, ranging from Apple to Zioxi. Our ICT support in classrooms covers problems with all the popular brands:

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From connecting visualisers to interactive displays, changing projector lamps and filters to resolving printer issues and printing from school copiers – our school ICT support ensures complete peace of mind.

Along with hardware and software support, we can advise you and liaise with third-party ICT service providers, from photocopier suppliers to the school’s MIS provider. We are partners with Bromcom and Arbor and are experienced with many school MIS software packages in the education sector.

ict support for multi academy trusts

ICT Support for Multi-Academy Trusts

ICT Support for a MAT will work differently from our standard Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages.

Each MAT will have a different number of schools, each with its own ICT support requirements. For example, “School A” typically requires 2 full days of onsite ICT support, while “School B” only requires a half day.

Classroom365 will work with your multi-academy trust and build a custom package that covers all your ICT support needs – onsite, telephone and remote support with flexible day arrangements. So, if “School B” needs more ad hoc support, it can be taken from the agreed-upon package. Classroom365 understands the need for flexibility with schools, especially multi-academy trusts. ICT support for MATs will include the following:

  • Experienced, professional and qualified ICT technicians.
  • A dedicated regional school team manager oversees the school’s development plan and liaises with individual schools and the trust’s management.
  • Short notice emergency Ofsted response to ICT issues.
  • Third-line ICT support is always on hand to resolve complex technical issues.

Please contact us for more information and a competitive price to support your multi-academy trust.

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Supporting ICT in Primary Schools and Nurseries

Primary ICT support typically involves site visits, ranging from half a day for a one-form entry primary school to two full days for the largest primary schools. Different schools’ ICT infrastructure can vary considerably, and a correctly and well-maintained school network requires less onsite ICT support. This is much cheaper for any school in the long run. Invest now to save money later!

The Role of Classroom365’s Regional ICT Manager

One of our school’s ICT team managers will regularly attend sites and oversee your school’s designated ICT technician(s). Their first visits with our onsite technician will provide all the necessary onboarding information and ensure our technicians are introduced with an overview of their technical experience.

The school’s team manager will collaborate closely with your school or MAT to regularly review priorities and ongoing ICT project management and planning. Appointments with the school and onsite consultant are encouraged to address critical areas and the school’s long-term IT strategic planning.

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As a managed service provider for schools, Classroom365 prides itself on excellent customer relationships. Throughout the contract, we will work closely with all parties to ensure that all progress is fully updated and communicated.

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Testimonials – What Do Our Clients Say?

“I have worked with Classroom365 now for approximately four years. I first met them as I was navigating a complete new build of one of my schools and moving to a new site. Classroom365 were initially instructed by the Local Authority to work as our ICT consultant to design the complete ICT infrastructure for the new school. The Local Authority has used them on several schools and business sector projects and continues to do so.

During the process, I recognised their deep project management knowledge and efficacy. I decided to make them the schools ICT support partner for maintenance, as who better to maintain the system than those that supported the design from the beginning? They have since endorsed both my schools and the commissioned services we run.

I have found the team I have worked with to be highly professional, skilled, and knowledgeable; they are communicative, confident, and responsive. Quotes, billing and paperwork are all as you would expect. I would consider myself to be a leader with exacting standards; I like a forward-thinking approach to change and asset management, and they work well with me on this to ensure that we don’t always use a ‘quick fix’ style of thinking when systemic administration needs considering for the long term. They work within my budgets, always ensuring that we make considered decisions for both the long and short term.

My staff have effective and positive relationships with Classroom365, developed from the professional, responsive and understanding team approach, which has built trust.”

Holly Broughton, Executive Headteacher, Boxgrove and Kidbrooke Park Primary Schools

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