Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning – Installation & Servicing

A ceiling cassette air conditioner is an excellent choice for larger rooms and venues and suits retail environments and open-plan areas in offices or lecture theatres. The key features of cassette air conditioning are:

  • Discreet as the unit blends in with your ceiling. You won’t even notice it!
  • They are quiet and energy efficient. For example, they cost much less than a ducted AC system to run.
  • Even distribution of cool or warm air. Unlike a wall-mounted installation, the air is directed downwards from the cassette AC unit.
  • Relatively simple installation, especially if you have a false ceiling.

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What is a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner?

A cassette air conditioner is a split system consisting of two units: inside and outside. While most AC units you’ll encounter need to be wall-mounted, cassettes are installed in the ceiling.

The indoor unit has a mounted grille that channels hot or cold air through vents. It doesn’t require ductwork, and the conduit connecting the units is hidden in the ceiling. A ceiling cassette AC’s discreet design makes it ideal for commercial applications. It’s also an excellent option for homes, lending a modern touch to your home’s aesthetic. As you can imagine, it is more expensive than a wall mounted air conditioning installation.

How Does a Cassette Air Conditioning Work?

Ceiling cassette AC units work practically the same way as wall-mounted air conditioners. The only difference is that their design is best suited for ceiling installation. The system draws warm air from the room and cools it by passing it through a cooling component containing refrigerant. This process eliminates the heat and expels it outside.

Typically, an AC cassette unit mounted in the ceiling is connected to a condenser located outside the building via a conduit. A powerful fan redirects the cooled air inside the house through the cassette grilles. The grille’s design distributes the air evenly in three or four directions.

The condensers of most cassette units are powerful enough to support more than one indoor unit. As such, you can install ceiling units in multiple areas.

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Should You Install Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners?

Like any other AC system, you’ll want to ensure that a cassette air conditioner suits your office or room. Whether you want climate control for large or small spaces, it’s always wise to weigh what it can offer for your comfort and pocket.

Consider Versatility

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a cassette AC is its versatility. It’s a straightforward option that can be installed in a wide assortment of spaces. Because it is ceiling-mounted, air distribution is much more even. Do you work in a cramped room with limited moving space? Then, having a compact AC grille that can fit inside a single ceiling tile is a great option.

In addition to their space efficiency, installing cassette ACs doesn’t require significant changes in the room. Unlike ducted climate control systems, you won’t need to spend on expensive ducting throughout the building.

Consider Comfort

Ceiling mounted cassette units are more powerful than their wall counterparts. They boast convenient features like four-way airflow, which quickly and effectively disperses air throughout your space. The result is an evenly-cooled room with no uncomfortable hotspots. The system provides complete climate control for its users as well. You can program the thermostat and adjust the fan speed, allowing you to manage energy use.

Cassette air conditioners are also known for their comfortably quiet operations. They achieve this effect by positioning the condensers (the loudest AC component) in the unit outside your home.

Consider Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another crucial consideration when installing an AC unit. Factoring running costs is especially important for businesses where a considerable portion of expenses is utilities.

Ceiling cassette ACs keep running costs at a minimum. Although cassette AC units require a higher initial cost than traditional window or split air conditioning units, their cooling efficiency, particularly in larger spaces, is better and worth the investment.

ceiling cassette air conditioner installation

Maintaining Cassette Air Conditioners

The good news is that a ceiling cassette type AC unit isn’t difficult to maintain. However, they need regular cleaning to remove debris and dirt that can damage the system.

Wipe the outer components with a dry, soft cloth every few months. Then, clean the filters using clean water and neutral detergents.

Like other AC units, ceiling cassettes should be serviced annually by an F-Gas certified professional.

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