Interactive SMART Boards for Schools

As an authorised supplier for SMART Technologies, we offer the SMART Board range of interactive displays for delivery and installation:

Our installation team has been installing interactive and projection devices for nearly 20 years, from projector and screen installations to the latest SMART MX Series of touch screen displays.

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What is a SMART Board?

SMART Boards are high-tech interactive displays from SMART Technologies. Mounted on a wall or mobile stand, they connect to a computer or Mac and allow teachers and students to interact via the touchscreen display in a dynamic and engaging way.
SMART interactive displays for classrooms include the SMART Board GX Series, the MX and the 6000S series of interactive whiteboards. They use the SMART Learning Suite and Notebook software, which focuses on education.
The MX Pro and QX Pro series are for business and corporate use. They include enhanced video conferencing and collaboration capabilities.

Benefits of an Interactive SMART Board for Teaching

SMART interactive whiteboards support a more captivating and collaborative learning environment by allowing teachers to present teaching material interactively in a modern manner. They encourage communication between teacher and student, helping to promote problem-solving skills and explore a deeper understanding of topics. Additionally, using a SMART Board whiteboard has been linked to improved student test scores and academic performance in general.

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As the market leader, SMART interactive boards are universally known and a favourite of teaching staff due to their ease of use and friendly, intuitive software. The early versions using a smartboard and projector combination were widely adopted in UK schools in the early 2000s.

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Features and Capabilities of Interactive SMART Whiteboards

The intuitive touchscreen interface allows teachers and students to interact directly with content, making it easier for them to explore topics in more detail.

  • The SMART interactive board has digital tools such as pens and USB ports to easily access your saved SMART Notebook documents.
  • More powerful sound means external speakers or soundbars are not always required.
  • SMART interactive panels have always been known for their finger-touch ability; a SMART Board pen is unnecessary for basic use.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers with the most common internet browsers. A Chrome OS device can also be connected.
  • Built-in Android iQ means an attached computer is not required. The SMART interactive display is still operational if the teacher forgets their laptop or calls in sick!
  • All boards come with multiple HDMI ports and a single VGA connection, so they can be used with an older type of document camera and the latest SMART visualiser, the 650, which fully integrates with the SMART Notebook software, offering many benefits over cheaper visualisers.
  • Powerful SMART Learning Suite software and online resources.
  • 5-year SMART Assure warranty and SMART Board support. If you have a faulty out-of-warranty display, please check out our service for SMART Board repairs.

A Comparison of the Different Models of SMART Interactive Board Available

The MX series is the most popular interactive SMART Board for classroom environments and suits most educational needs. It is available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 86” sizes. The SMART Board MX275 is our most popular classroom SMART white board, with the MX265 more suitable for smaller classes or intervention rooms.

For more advanced users, the 6000s series is available in sizes of 65”, 75”, and 86”. For example, the premium SMART Technologies 6075s panel has the following higher specifications above the MX275 75” equivalent:

  • 20W inbuilt speakers, in comparison to 15W.
  • A 4-microphone array, enabling teachers to walk around the room with consistent volume and audio quality.
  • InGlass technology for more responsive interactivity.
  • Higher frame and refresh rate, so a better image.
  • 40 multi-touch points compared to 20 for the MX275.
  • 2 Erasers with mounts with intelligent pen recognition.
  • Multiple video inputs for ease of switching between sources.
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Information about the SMART Board GX Series of entry level smartboards can be found on our budget electronic whiteboard page.

Integrating Technology into Education with an Interactive SMART Whiteboard

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A classroom SMART Board display benefits all learning styles and, by integrating into an enriched digital learning environment, engages students on many levels:

  • A visual level with a bright HD touchscreen and colourful graphics.
  • Audio with multimedia content from YouTube to the 1000s of free online resources included with the SMART Software Suite.
  • Interactivity so pupils can get involved and participate in the onscreen lessons.

SMART Boards make it easy to view third-party multimedia sources. For example, digital cameras, visualisers, and remote screen sharing with iPads.

Top Five Uses of SMART Interactive Software

  1. SMART Learning Suite software, including SMART Notebook and Lumio, features many interactive software tools and resources that enable teachers to create diverse and engaging lesson plans.
    • The ability to write and draw on the smartboard, insert images and links and annotate videos.
    • Record audio and video and embed them into the content.
    • Play interactive games with the free resources provided.
    • Live and interactive lessons.
    • Online assessments and tools to collaborate with pupils or teachers anywhere!
  2.  Smart Ink allows teachers to write over open applications, files, browser tabs, and PDFs. You can even annotate YouTube videos with digital ink and save them for later.
  3. The IQ experience is the free Android software included in the SMART Board interactive display. It’s like a built-in computer with the SMART Learning Suite software, browser and plugins should you not have a computer connected. It includes the ability to save created documents to the cloud.
  4. SMART Board Drivers include everything to connect your SMART Board interactive whiteboard to a Windows PC or Mac. Included is Smart Ink and the software for SMART Board calibration.

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  1. SMART Teamworks with Google Workspace and Office 365 integration is SMART Technologies’ collaboration software and a virtual meeting room. Support for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, along with wireless screen sharing between devices.
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Interactive SMART Board Tips and Tricks for Educators

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  1. Math Equation Editor, built-in to the notebook software, allows you to handwrite maths equations and turn them into text. Used with GeoGebra, you can import data into graphs.
  2. Wirelessly share an iPad with the interactive screen. It’s helpful if you don’t have a dedicated visualiser attached to your computer or interactive whiteboard.
  3. Brainstorm with students using the concept mapping addon to the SMART Board software suite.
  4. The infinite cloner takes images and turns them into manipulatives. Just right-click on the object and select “Infinite Cloner”.
  5. Use the video search addon in Notebook Plus to find educational videos to add to your lesson directly.

Using an Interactive SMART Whiteboard Beyond the Classroom

SMART whiteboards are commonly known in education, but they also have a business line of products that share many of the features of their education cousins. The SMART QX Pro and MX Pro series use Smart Ink and are powered by the iQ Android OS, meaning versatility in a corporate setting.

Both ranges have an integrated microphone array, with the premium QX Pro having an integrated HD camera and 40-point precision touch display.

SMART Meeting Pro is their business software for collaboration and video conferencing, including full functionality with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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SMART Board Review by Classroom365

The Classroom365 team has been installing SMART interactive devices since 2004, and the latest interactive displays from SMART Technologies are a great product. They are reliable, tough and good value. They are the market leader, and the education market is competitive. However, there are significant educational discounts available now and lower prices.

One of the main positives is the SMART Learning Suite software and the fact that many teachers are already familiar with it. This means teachers do not have to learn a whole new software platform, even though there is more compatibility between the different file formats between manufacturers.

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SMART is a premium product and is a bit more expensive than competitors. You also have to factor in the licencing costs to purchase the SMART licence for the Notebook Plus and factor in this cost for the full functionality. The first-year software licence is included with each new SMART Board price. For large projects, consider a DFE-approved education leasing agreement. This may be suitable for your school.

Please learn about our interactive screen installation services and the alternatives to the SMART Technologies range. Classroom365 are accredited and a certified SMART Board installer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much is a SMART Board for a Classroom?

Prices vary considerably for interactive SMART Boards, not only with suppliers but with the purchasing organisation. A school, for example, will receive an educational discount which can be considerable.

What are the Disadvantages of a SMART Board?

The only real disadvantage of an interactive SMART whiteboard is the initial cost. However, with their 5-year warranty and low maintenance, they are a good investment and the new SMART GX Series offers a low-cost option. Alternative cheap electronic whiteboard options are also available.

Does a SMART Board Need a Computer?

No, the latest SMART Boards do not need a computer attached. They have an inbuilt operating system so that they can work independently. The GX Series uses a generic Android 11 OS, with the more upmarket MX series using a bespoke Android iQ operating system that includes the complete SMART Learning Suite software.

Do SMART Boards Have Wi-Fi?

SMART Boards have Wi-Fi enabling internet browsing, Google Drive access and firmware updates. They also have an ethernet port, should a wired connection be preferable.