Iiyama Touch Screen Displays

An Iiyama touch screen is an affordable and reliable way of getting the benefits of an interactive screen in a classroom or office environment. Iiyama screens are one of Classroom365’s recommended entry-level digital white boards, and our installation team has been installing them for many years. What we like about them:

  • A comprehensive 5-year warranty and reliability.
  • A generic Android operating system means stability.
  • A no-frills interface that’s easy to use.

They are not packed with features and educational software but work well for a small office or meeting room. If the interactive touch screen cost for a well-known brand, such as a SMART Board or the Clevertouch screen price, is the primary factor for your choice, they are a good option.

iiyama touch screen for schools and business

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Iiyama Prolite Displays for Business and Education

Iiyama touch screens offer an impressive solution for collaboration in educational and business settings. This interactive display boasts various features that cater to schools and offices of varying sizes, making it an excellent alternative to well-known brands. One of the standout features is the PureTouch-IR 40-point touch screen, powered by iiWare 10 and based on the Android 11 OS. The display interface includes the following valuable tools:

  • Note
  • Browser
  • Cloud Drive

There is also the flexibility to integrate custom apps tailored to your organisation’s requirements. The included dual-function touch pens make it easy to save notes and on-screen content directly to a USB device, the 32GB internal memory, or your preferred cloud storage, adding to its practicality.

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Iiyama Touch Screen Sizes

The Prolite Series of Iiyama touch screen supports the latest video, audio, and touch signals with USB-C connections, which can charge your devices with a 65W power delivery.

The range of 55″, 65”, 75” and 86” IPS LCD screens feature a 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160) and 400cd/m2 brightness, ensuring vivid, detailed, and vibrant picture quality from any location within a classroom or meeting space. The anti-glare coating is also a significant advantage, effectively reducing reflections in brightly lit environments without sacrificing image quality.

High-quality stereo speakers are built into the displays. However, for larger spaces, we recommend an additional soundbar.

One of the most user-friendly aspects of their interactive displays is their 4K interface with user profiles, allowing easy login and access to personalised menus and cloud storage options. The ability to share, stream and edit content from any device directly on the screen transforms team meetings or lessons into efficient, engaging, and interactive sessions.

The Wi-Fi module, screen sharing software, and EShare app enhance the interactive experience.

interactive iiyama prolite screen

ScreenSharePro Software for Iiyama Screens

The included Wi-Fi Module, featuring dual bandwidth and Bluetooth compatibility, works with the ScreenSharePro app to provide a smooth, efficient cross-platform collaboration experience.

When set up as a Wi-Fi access point, the component allows any wirelessly-enabled gadget to access the internet via the interactive panel. This permits individuals to display their material directly on the touchscreen. The Iiyama Share platform can accommodate up to 9 devices concurrently and is interoperable with AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast screen-mirroring technologies.

The Iiyama interactive software provides an effortless and adaptable solution for both professional and academic audiences.

Iiyama TE6512MIS-B1AG Interactive Display

The Iiyama TE6512MIS-B1AG is an excellent screen for education and business collaboration. This 65″ 4K UHD touchscreen is perfect for smaller meeting rooms and offices. The hybrid interactive solution allowed for smooth 4K annotation and content control from various sources.

The PureTouch-IR 40-point display and iiWare 10 (Android 11 OS) feature the apps Note, Browser, and Cloud Drive, with options to load more. However, more choices exist with the more education-orientated SMART interactive display or Clevertouch interactive whiteboard. The dual-function touch pens and multiple storage options, including USB and cloud drives, make it versatile, although most screens now come with these features. The USB-C connection enables 65W device charging, which is a nice feature.

The display’s 4K resolution (3840×2160), 400cd/m2 brightness, and anti-glare coating delivered vibrant images and video without lag or blurring. User profiles and bespoke menus mean the Prolite TE6512MIS-B1AG can be personalised for multiple users.

Iiyama’s ScreenSharePro and EShare applications delivered a fluid, user-friendly process when transferring and streaming materials across wireless devices. We observed that editing content proved to be reliable with good performance.

Iiyama Interactive Screen Review

In summary, a new Iiyama interactive display is a highly recommended interactive solution for those seeking to streamline collaboration in education or business environments. The range of features, user-friendly interface, and exceptional image quality make it a top contender in the affordable electronic whiteboard market.

The Iiyama screen prices are very competitive and have good energy-saving features. We like the simple software interface; they have proved to be a reliable solution in schools.

Please contact us for a great Iiyama price and more information on our interactive whiteboard installation services.

iiyama screens for business and education
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