MIS Support for Schools – Onsite and Cloud MIS Assistance

Schools need a powerful ally to help support their school MIS effectively and efficiently. Our support team has worked with different management information systems for nearly 20 years. Classroom365 are Arbor and Bromcom partners for education.

From the days long ago when RM Integris was installed on a single desktop computer through to the latest cloud MIS solutions, Classroom365 works as the onsite MIS support and go-between for your school and the MIS provider, helping to facilitate a seamless overall MIS experience.

Our portfolio of supported MIS software is still expanding.

If you want advice on changing your MIS, please use the contact form below or call us now.

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As a trusted ICT partner, Classroom365 offers comprehensive, tailored MIS support solutions to help you use your MIS systems effectively.

School MIS Support from Classroom365

Below, we discuss the most common cloud and onsite MIS support for schools and our daily role in supporting your school with everything MIS.

Bromcom Support for Schools

Bromcom is a 100% cloud MIS available for any device connected to the internet. Furthermore, teachers’ and students apps are available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Therefore, a fast, reliable internet connection with stable hardware, such as desktops and laptops, is paramount for teachers and admin staff.

Classroom365, with our experience working in schools, ensures your network platform is optimised for a cloud-based MIS. Our Bromcom support for schools liaise with Bromcom to solve any software issues, along with helping consolidate data, user access or connection problems.

Remote and Onsite Bromcom MIS Support

When you encounter issues with Bromcom MIS, Classroom365 is just a phone call or helpdesk ticket away. Our ICT support ensures prompt, reliable assistance for your Bromcom support issues.

With one of our ICT support contracts, your school’s computer systems are supported, helping your school MIS run smoothly.

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Arbor Support Services

Like Bromcom, Arbor MIS is a cloud-based MIS, and you can access the centralised database with a browser from a tablet, desktop or laptop. Arbor also has a parent app so parents can make payments and book trips online.

Our Arbor support for schools works in the same way as for Bromcom. A fast and reliable school network for wireless devices and wired desktops makes cloud MIS systems the best MIS solution for schools. You can learn more here about our wireless upgrades for schools.

Arbor support from Classroom365 involves contacting Arbor on your behalf, assisting with data integrity checks, importing users, and maintaining the system.

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ESS SIMS Support

The Classroom365 team has provided ESS SIMS support for nearly 20 years.

Capita previously owned ESS SIMS, and we have continued our SIMS support for schools with SIMS upgrades, school census and SIMS module upgrades.

SIMS is used extensively in schools across the UK, with most not moving to a cloud MIS and continuing with an onsite SIMS server requiring maintenance and patching.

Our SIMS MIS support monitors the onsite infrastructure and keeps your MIS running smoothly.

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Integris Support for Schools

Classroom365 provides Integris support, another popular cloud-based MIS used by over 2,000 schools across the UK.

Classroom365 remembers installing and continually upgrading desktops with a shared database until RM moved to their cloud MIS – RM Integris G2 over ten years ago.

Recently purchased by Arbor and the Key Group, it has been renamed Integris Education. Our Integris MIS support assists schools in setting up new users, running reports and maintaining the school network.

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MIS Support, Data Security and GDPR Compliance

Whether your school has an onsite SIMS server or a cloud-based MIS solution, it is essential to check GDPR compliance and ensure your school’s MIS data is backed up.

With a cloud-based MIS, you can be secure in the knowledge that the data is safe, although, with the smaller MIS providers, we encourage schools to obtain proof from their provider.

A dedicated onsite SIMS server is the responsibility of your MIS provider or school’s ICT support provider. We at Classroom365 have our own GDPR consultant who can advise accordingly on school GDPR. We provide a remote backup solution for schools, and all our onsite SIMS servers are backed up using Redstor software.

With 20 years of experience supporting different MIS systems in schools, the team at Classroom365 understands how school MIS support works and all its nuances. Please get in touch if you would like further information.

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