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Interactive Classroom Whiteboards for Schools by Classroom365

In the early 2000s, the new technology was a SMART interactive whiteboard with an overhead projector. Our classroom SMART Board installation team was involved in installing them into schools across London from the start. This significant change helped enhance and engage a more intuitive learning experience in schools over the country.

The technologies have changed, and a new classroom interactive flat panel with speakers and even better a soundbar, with no reflections and light shining in your eyes, will cost less than the old-style interactive whiteboard and projector combination, even including the installation costs.

Clasroom365 is an accredited supplier of the SMART interactive touchscreen display MX and 6000 series, Promethean ActivBoard, and Clevertouch IMPACT interactive classroom displays. We can also supply other brands as requested at trade prices, such as the BenQ interactive touchscreen display series.

Clevertouch Interactive Whiteboard Installations for London Schools

Any visit to the Bett Show reveals new screen manufacturers with similar technology, interactive tools and accessories such as a light pen and new interactive teaching resources. Some are here today but gone tomorrow, but we know the trusted brands and advise accordingly. All pricing is competitive and will include site surveys, hardware, installation, and software licences.

On-going support services for each interactive whiteboard installation is a given; we are only too happy to help and have the necessary experience. Our in-house team carries out installations, and we do not outsource to third parties.

Classroom interactive touch screens are available in 65”, 75” or 85”+, and depending on your classroom conditions, we can help advise on what is most suitable.

Our team has installed hundreds of classroom interactive display solutions in educational establishments, from classroom TV installations and meeting and training rooms to businesses and offices across London and the South East. Each building will involve a free whiteboard site survey as there are always considerations to evaluate. Safety is always our primary concern, along with usability and performance. Interactive whiteboards are heavy hardware items. A Sahara Clevertouch board weighs over 50Kg for a 75″ model. The other brands, including the SMART Technologies MX Series and Promethean ActivePanel, are similar.

With the help of Classroom365, you can discover the latest interactive whiteboards, including SMART Board, that are more cost-effective, high resolution and have lower energy consumption. Creating content and collaboration with the newest technology and whiteboard software packages is easier than ever for teachers and students alike.

Classroom Interactive Display Installations for London Schools

How Will an Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboard Work in My Classroom or Office?

Considerations for new classroom interactive whiteboards and installation

The class size and the new interactive whiteboards visibility are essential factors. We would recommend a 75” board for a regular size classroom. Of course, a bigger image is better, but the cost increases with each step up in size. In a smaller room, such as a SENCO office, meeting room, or small learning group classroom, 65” interactive panels would typically be sufficient as an effective tool for interactive learning.

Is the wall the interactive touch screen to be installed on a supporting wall? A floor support stand will be required if it is a partition wall. Many brands and types of differing design, quality, and price are available. In our experience, we always provide a stand that can be bolted to the floor and attached to the partition wall with a wide load spread. This offers optimal safety and benefits for each whiteboard installation.

Smart interactive whiteboard display software in use on a Smart touchscreen display panel

Is a laptop or PC device connected to the classroom interactive whiteboard? Can it support HDMI, or will adapters be required?

Is the teacher’s device location optimal to create the learning environment? Could it be better than the existing setup?

Will new network data cabling or electrics be required in the interactive screen location? All electrical work includes NICEIC certification by our qualified electrician.

A height-adjustable floor stand is handy for interactive whiteboards for Key Stage One classrooms. It enables the pupils interactive learning with the panel low down and the classroom teacher to operate at a comfortable height.

The latest interactive whiteboards from manufacturers such as SMART Technologies, Clevertouch, and Promethean have more powerful speakers than ever before. A soundbar or wall-mounted speakers are not always required. However, they give a better audio experience, and any new interactive whiteboard installation for larger classrooms can be considered for a more engaging learning environment.

Lastly, the user experience should be thought of. The best way to use a SMART Board interactive whiteboard is to use the SMART Interactive Software Suite. Although different software packages can often be used on interactive whiteboard panels, additional licences are usually required, meaning any potential hardware savings are lost. Teaching staff have fewer usability and interactivity features.

The interactive whiteboard software packages, SMART Software Suite, Promethean ActivPanel (Promethean World) and Clevertouch whiteboard software all have the features necessary to enable teachers and students to collaborate, create intuitive material and share knowledge. There are even teacher tools for remote control creating new collaborative learning environments.

Did you know we can arrange a free demo with SMART Tech or Clevertouch at your school, and then you can evaluate the whiteboard solutions yourself, collaborate and get connected?

Classroom365 has our own ICT educational specialist providing our ICT Curriculum Support Service. They can help train your staff on the interactive whiteboard software benefits, create new teaching materials, plan lessons, and devise ICT strategies for your ICT curriculum.

Clevertouch Board and Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard Installations

Interactive Touchscreens for Education Installation – How to get started

A new interactive white board installation by Classroom365 – the service:

Interactive Whiteboard Installations and AV Solutions for London Schools and the South East

Firstly, please get in touch with us for some free advice and understand your immediate requirements. The process will be as follows:

  • We arrange a free interactive whiteboard site survey for your school or college if necessary to gather information.
  • We prepare a quotation based on our findings of your classroom interactive touchscreen requirements.
  • If you accept our quote, we will order the hardware and book the installation date. We can do this from 6.00 am on a school term time day. Installation at weekends for interactive whiteboards is always an option to minimise disruption for teachers and support staff.
  • As arranged, we will install the new interactive board hardware, cabling, and electrics as per our quotation. All electrical work includes NICEIC certification.
  • Interactivity testing and software configuration.
  • Project sign off.

Projector Installations for Halls, Including AV Installation for Large Space Areas

School Projector Hall Installation with Screen

The latest high lumens projectors for schools use the latest technology to display a large image on a school hall projector screen with high definition, brightness and improved connectivity. There is no need to close curtains. The price has decreased, and quality progressed substantially in the last fifteen years when the team at Classroom365 started installing projectors for schools.

All school AV hall installations are different, and education projectors can be ultra-short throw, long-throw, or somewhere between. Our team has installed hundreds of school projectors over the years, and each building has its quirky features, whether it’s a flat roof or a very tall ceiling, for example.

Interactive Whiteboards for Schools Installation Services for London

AV Solutions for Education and Audio Installations for School Halls

Considerations for a school hall projector installation

Can the hall projector be safely mounted from the required distance to the screen?

The hall environment and size of the projection image required, along with its location on the wall.

Are electrics required to be installed?

The hall projector will require an HDMI connection to the network device, usually a laptop or PC. This can be achieved with a direct cable run from the projector to the computer or via ethernet cabling. There is a limit to the HDMI signal range, and cabling via a network cable is sometimes better.

Aesthetics are important. No one wants an unsightly hall projector installation and visible cabling.

The projector connection needs to be terminated at the location of the laptop or desktop computer.

Is the device running on the school wireless network or a wired ethernet connection? Is this secure and a stable connection? During presentations or video conferencing, the signal dropping is the last thing you want.

Audio Visual Installation for School Halls and Large Space Area AV Installs

School hall audio systems with AV – what else is required?

A school hall audio system installation from Classroom365 would include a hall projector installation, a motorised screen mounted securely to a supporting wall or ceiling, and an audio system housed in a dedicated AV cabinet with wall-mounted speakers, preferably two pairs. A pair mounted pointing away from the screen at the front and another couple at the rear of the hall.

Depending on budgets and requirements, the lockable hall AV rack cabinet would typically house the following features, all rack-mounted and fixed in location.

  • A laptop on a retractable shelf.
  • An amplifier to power the hall speakers. It is essential to get the correct specification from a quality brand.
  • A wireless single or dual-microphone controller for presentations and video conferencing.
  • A Bluetooth receiver to easily connect a tablet or phone through the AV system installation.
  • A mixer to “mix” separate channels. For example, the Bluetooth connected iPhone or tablet would be on one channel playing music, the laptop on another channel displaying a presentation or playing videos and the wireless microphones on a third. Each channel can play simultaneously, so music can be played softly while the presenter speaks over the top at a louder volume about the media shown on the laptop.

The key here is simplicity and ease of use. It may not sound straightforward, but it is simple to use with our included training. We have experience and knowledge of the hardware manufacturers and the setup necessary for the perfect digital AV and audio system.

Audio Visual Solutions for Schools

What next? The next steps for your new school AV install solution

The process will be similar to our interactive white board site survey as per the details above. The first thing to do is get in contact.

  • We will arrange a free site survey for your school hall at a convenient time.
  • Provide a quotation for the recommended brand and model and price breakdown for a new hall projector installation.
  • On acceptance, we will book an installation date and time at your convenience.
  • We will arrange to deliver the necessary hardware and order licences and software if required.
  • Installation, testing, end-user training and support.
  • Feedback is always appreciated!
Hall Projector Installation and AV Solutions for Schools in London
Digital Signage for Schools Installation Solutions for London

Digital Notice Board and Signage Solutions for Schools Across London and the South East

Digital Signage for Schools – Reception, Meeting Room and Communal Areas

Reception Area TV screens are a great educational addition for schools and businesses. They look modern, dynamic and enhance communication. This could include work completed by pupils, presentations, important notices and photos, all on rotation if required. The list is endless, and interactivity isn’t necessary, so the screen panels don’t need touch-sensitive features like a SMART Board in a classroom.

A TV screen installed in a reception area, staff room or office can present, for example, a Google calendar, YouTube video or notices such as health and safety reminders. There are many capabilities and display features available.

Any dedicated staff member can control these features and settings via their desktop PC. Our education TV installs include these options and the simple training required to get started.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details.

Interactive Touchscreen Installation Studies for Schools in London and the South East

Case Study – Interactive Display Installations for a South London School

Over the Christmas holidays 2021/2022, our AV installation team undertook and completed a large project involving replacing the existing interactive projector and whiteboard configurations with a new 75″ Sahara Clevertouch board across this large school in Southwark.

In 18 classrooms, the current setup was removed, and the new interactive touchscreens were installed with a soundbar. New HDMI cabling was required and floor support for 15 interactive display panels. The partition walls separating classrooms were not substantial enough to secure a 75″ interactive white board, and the floor supports were bolted to the floor for safety.

The entire project was completed over five days. The school enjoyed their new interactive whiteboards on the first day of term, integrating with its existing ICT network and fully supported with one of our ICT support SLAs.

References are available on request as per all our case studies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us you are looking to upgrade your school with interactive display screens. We are happy to help and confidently deliver an outstanding service to your school or business.

Certified School Whiteboard Installations by Classroom365

Our Interactive Touch Panel Installer Team Are DBS Checked and Certified Smart Interactive Authorised Installers