Interactive Screens for Schools and Installation Services

The Classroom365 team has been supplying and installing interactive screens for schools across the UK for 20 years. Our accredited team are all enhanced DBS checked and provides the following brands of interactive whiteboards along with installation services:

  • SMART Boards – GX, MX and 6000S
  • Clevertouch Boards – IMPACT
  • Promethean ActivPanel
  • Samsung WA Series for Education

We also supply and install all other interactive touch screen whiteboard brands, including Viewsonic, Iiyama and Newline Interactive. Installation safety is paramount with Classroom365.

Schools should ignore prices found online, as significant discounts are available for education. Please complete the contact form below for a free quote and impartial advice.

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Interactive Whiteboards - Quotes & Info

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Interactive Touch Screens for Education

In the early 2000s, the new technology was a Smartboard with a ceiling or wall-mounted projector. Our SMART Board installation team installed them in schools across London from the start of the rollout. This significant change helped enhance and enable students to engage with a more intuitive learning experience in schools nationwide.

The technologies have changed, and a new interactive screen in the classroom with speakers and, even better, a soundbar means there will be no reflections and light shining in your eyes. They also cost less than the older interactive board and projector combination, including installation costs.

Clasroom365 is an accredited supplier and installer of the interactive SMART Board, Promethean ActivBoard, and Clevertouch IMPACT Series for education. If requested, we can also supply other brands at education prices, such as the Newline Interactive panel and the Iiyama interactive screen series.

Visiting the Bett Show reveals new interactive screens from manufacturers with similar technology and accessories, such as light pens. Many new collaboration tools and teaching resources are released every year. Some are here today but gone tomorrow, but we know the trusted brands and will advise accordingly.

Every interactive touch screen price is competitive, and we can include site surveys free of charge if a whiteboard installation is required.

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Interactive Screen Installation Services

On-going support services for each interactive whiteboard installation are a given; we are only too happy to help. Our in-house whiteboard installers carry out all installations, and we do not outsource to third parties. We also offer out-of-warranty interactive whiteboard repair services.

A touch screen interactive whiteboard is generally available in 65”, 75” or 86”. Some brands offer models with 55” interactive displays, suitable for offices in schools or offices. Our team has installed hundreds of interactive screens, from classrooms to meeting rooms, for schools and businesses across London and nationally. Each installation will involve a free site survey if necessary, as there are always considerations to evaluate. Installation safety is always our primary concern.

Interactive touch screens are heavy hardware items. A Sahara Clevertouch Board weighs over 50 kg for a 75″ model. The other brands, including the SMART Board GX Series and Promethean ActivPanel, are similar. A SMART Board GX165 weighs 42 kg.

With the help of Classroom365, you can discover the latest interactive touch screens for classrooms that are more cost-effective, have high resolution, and have lower energy consumption. Creating content and collaboration with the latest educational technology and whiteboard software is more accessible for teachers and students than ever.

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How do you choose a touch screen whiteboard?

The size and the interactive screen’s visibility are essential for a classroom. A 75″ interactive screen, such as a SMART MX275 v4, would be sufficient for a regular-sized room. Of course, a bigger image is better, but the interactive screen price increases with each step up in size. In a smaller space, such as a SENCO office, meeting room, or small learning group, a 55″ or 65” screen would typically be fine.

  • Is the interactive display to be installed on a supporting wall? A floor support stand may be required if it is a partition wall.
  • Safety is paramount with all our interactive touch screen installations.
  • Is a laptop or computer to be connected to the interactive display screen? Can it support HDMI, or will adapters be required?
  • Is the location optimal for creating the best teaching environment? Could it be better than the existing setup?
interactive touch screens for education
  • Will new network data cabling or electrical work be required in the installation location? All our electrical work includes NICEIC certification by our qualified electrician.
  • A height-adjustable floor stand is handy for KS1 classroom screens. It enables the pupils to interact with the interactive display with the panel low down and for the teacher to teach at a comfortable height.
  • The latest interactive touch screens have more powerful speakers than ever before. Look for 2 x 20W speakers; some cheap electronic whiteboards have weaker speakers and are insufficient to fill a large classroom. A soundbar or wall-mounted audio system is only sometimes required. However, they give better audio and can be considered for more “noisy” environments.

Lastly, the user experience should be considered. If teachers are used to using the SMART Board software, teaching staff may be reluctant to change. There can be compatibility issues with using previously saved documents. Although software packages can often be used on different screens, additional licences are sometimes required, meaning any potential hardware savings are lost.

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Touch screen installations – What we do

The standard process will be as follows:

  • We will prepare a quote based on your needs.
  • Arrange a free site survey, if necessary, for your school or college to gather information and confirm the work required with considerations such as supporting walls and electrical work.
  • We can book a free demonstration if you would like one.
  • If you accept our quote, we will order the hardware and book the installation date. We can do this from 6.00 am. Installations on weekends are an option to minimise disruption for teaching staff.
  • As arranged, we will install the new interactive whiteboards, cabling, and electrics as per our quotation.
  • Testing and software configuration.
  • Project sign-off.
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If you are happy with our completed work, our invoices are sent with 30-day payment terms. If you are interested in leasing options, please visit our page on ICT leasing for schools.

Interactive Whiteboard Software for Education

The interactive whiteboard software packages, SMART Notebook and Lumio, Promethean ActivInspire and Clevertouch software all have the features necessary to enable teachers and students to collaborate, create intuitive material and share knowledge.

Teacher tools for remote control, for example, Clevershare, create new collaborative learning environments. With the most modern interactive whiteboards for schools supporting Wi-Fi, users can access the cloud via Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

When purchasing a new touch screen interactive whiteboard, check that it has an inbuilt Android operating system. The whiteboards from Sahara AV and the SMART MX series use a bespoke operating system based on Android with their app store, which is full of helpful teaching resources.

The more affordable whiteboards, including the SMART GX Series, use a customised Android OS. A built-in OS means the interactive touch screen is still more than functional with cloud access, internet browsing and annotation software, like SMART Notebook, should the connected classroom computer fail.

Classroom365 has its own educational specialist providing bespoke ICT curriculum support. They can help train your staff on the benefits of interactive whiteboards for students, create new teaching materials, and plan student lessons for your curriculum.

Interactive Touch Screens - Find Out More

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Digital Signage Installation Services

Interactive whiteboards can also be used for digital signage.

The CleverLive software is free with Clevertouch interactive displays. An interactive whiteboard can, therefore, double up as an easy way of displaying essential notices, calendars or health and safety reminders, for example, in a staffroom or communal area.

Classroom365 offers digital signage installation services with new interactive hardware, such as from Clevertouch Technologies.

A reception area TV screen will look great and welcoming to visitors. If interactivity isn’t required, they are a lot cheaper, too. A Smart TV or preferably a commercial display can be connected and controlled by a dedicated desktop or laptop located elsewhere on the network. Any dedicated staff member can control what is displayed via their computer.

Our digital signage installations include these options and the simple training required to get started.

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Case Study – Clevertouch Installation for a South London School

Over the Christmas holidays 2021/2022, Classroom365’s installation team managed a large ICT project involving replacing the existing projector and whiteboard configuration with a new 75″ Clevertouch board installation at Highshore School in Southwark, South East London.

In 18 classrooms, the current setup was removed, and the new interactive screens were installed with a soundbar. New HDMI cabling and floor support for 15 of the screens were required. The partition walls separating classrooms were insufficient to secure a 75″ screen, and the floor supports were bolted to the floor for extra safety.

The project was completed over five days, and the school enjoyed their new interactive touch screens on the first day of term.

References for all our case studies are available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an interactive touch screen cost?

Prices start at around £1,000 to £1,500 for a 65” interactive touch screen; however, they vary considerably between brands. Significant educational discounts are available for schools.

What are two advantages of an interactive display?

Firstly, they are more reliable than classroom projector installations with low maintenance, less light reflection and connectivity issues. Secondly, you can use them without a computer.

What are the disadvantages of interactive screens?

The main disadvantage is the cost. However, with significant discounts for education, leasing options and low maintenance, the initial outlay is well worth the investment for schools.

What does an touch whiteboard do?

A touch whiteboard is an interactive display that is sensitive to input from a user, either from their finger or using interactive whiteboard pens. Usually connected to a computer, they allow annotating and interacting with multimedia files and, most often, teaching resources.

What is an example of an interactive display?

An excellent example of a modern interactive display is a SMART Board from SMART Technologies. Other popular brands include the Promethean ActivPanel and the Clevertouch IMPACT series from Sahara AV.

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