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CCTV Installation for Schools

Why does my school need CCTV cameras?

While it is true that CCTV school cameras cannot stop crime, schools and other places of education have a responsibility to keep students and teachers safe.

Here is a shortlist of good reasons to install a Classroom365 CCTV for schools system:

  • A strong deterrent to theft when the school is closed
  • Can help reduce vandalism
  • Helps eliminate and combat bullying and anti-social behaviour
  • Helps identify and record unauthorised visitors
  • Can help identify bottlenecks in buildings prompting improvements in safety
  • Useful to protect teachers if students or parents make false allegations about their conduct
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How does a Classroom365 School CCTV system for schools differ from other installers?

One of the most important parts of the process is a thorough site survey done by one of our experienced technicians.

Not only will the entire footprint of the school’s grounds be studied but relevant staff are encouraged to contribute their ideas as to where areas of focus should be.

Cameras and other equipment are chosen carefully to fit the needs of the location. It can be important to study a cameras ability to record video in low light conditions.

Not only is a Classroom365 CCTV camera system secure, but it is also installed in a way that does not at all compromise the security of any other ICT system in the school.

Camera locations are carefully chosen to be out of reach and vandal resistant – and often deliberately hidden.

After the system has been commissioned and tested in different conditions, Classroom365 technicians train relevant staff members on how to use the system. In the event of an intruder, processes can be agreed upon and documented to ensure staff act promptly and effectively.

ICO, GDPR and privacy issues:

There are laws and guidelines about CCTV camera installations and use. Classroom365 technicians can help ensure compliance with ICO guidelines and GDPR regulation.

CCTV notices can be positioned at appropriate areas on the school grounds as required by law and to provide a visible deterrent.

Government guidelines regarding the use of CCTV in schools can be found here.

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