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CCTV for schools is becoming more critical than ever for many reasons.

  • Many schools have invested heavily in ICT hardware, and theft needs to be deterred. A SMART Board price can range from £1,000 to £3,000. Ruckus access point prices are several hundred pounds; there must be a deterrent against thieves and intruders.
  • From 2022, the DfE’s updated statutory guidance for KCSIE means CCTV in schools has a significant role in safeguarding students and staff.
  • School CCTV installations from Classroom365 from our enhanced DBS-checked installation team will help protect your learning environment.

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School CCTV – Part of Your School Security System

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While CCTV in schools cannot stop a crime, schools are responsible for keeping students and teachers safe.

Here is a short list of the many benefits of school CCTV as an integral part of your school’s security:

  • A solid deterrent to theft and protecting school property.
  • Can help reduce bad or antisocial behaviour and vandalism on school grounds.
  • Use of CCTV helps deter bullies and disruptive behaviour.
  • Helps identify and record unauthorised access and security breaches.
  • As well as covering main areas, CCTV cameras can help identify bottlenecks prompting improvements in safety and security.
  • A CCTV policy for schools is essential to protect teachers and other staff members if students or parents make false allegations about their conduct.
  • Helps create a learning environment where staff and pupils feel safe and give parents peace of mind.
  • Installing a school security system means security breaches can be investigated immediately by senior management with help from an ICT support company like Classroom365.

A school’s CCTV system should be part of your school’s security system. It also including gate and door access control, intruder and fire protection. All secondary and primary schools in London can book a school visit with the London Fire Brigade.

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Classroom365’s CCTV installations for Schools are different to those of other CCTV installers

After your enquiry about a new school CCTV setup, we can proceed in the following ways:

A CCTV site survey by enhanced DBS-checked and qualified engineers.

  • CCTV cameras for schools are chosen carefully to fit the location’s needs, whether outdoor areas or busy corridors. Studying a camera’s ability to record video in low light conditions can be essential.
  • A free quotation will then be prepared based on our report.

School security system prices can be estimated with floor plans.

  • With floor plans, Google Street View and Google Earth, we can estimate cable runs and determine, with your help, locations for school CCTV cameras and give you a cost-effective price and time scale estimate.

Our policy is to complete a CCTV installation with no hidden charges. This is how we have worked with schools for over 20 years.

Other considerations for a CCTV for school installation.

  • If you wish, Classroom365 will consult with your school’s safeguarding staff about procedures and ideas. We value everyone’s input.
  • We can start a CCTV installation for your school at 7 am. This means camera installations can be completed before lessons start.

For larger CCTV installations in schools, we usually start at 8 am, and with week-long projects, school holidays are preferable.

School CCTV Policy

There are laws and guidelines about CCTV camera installations and use. Classroom365’s installation engineers help ensure compliance with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines with GDPR and CCTV in schools. Learn more about data protection in schools with Classroom365.

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) may be required.

Classroom365’s advice on implementing a CCTV policy for schools can be followed, which follows the UK government’s guidelines.

CCTV notices should be placed in appropriate positions on the school grounds as the law requires and provide a visible deterrent to unauthorised visitors.

CCTV footage data should be kept for a maximum of 31 days unless there is an ongoing police investigation. This is standard practice and a recommended retention time.

A school CCTV installation by Classroom365 will comply with Ofsted guidelines regarding safeguarding pupils.

Security Cameras for Schools

CCTV in Schools - Find Out More

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Classroom365 supplies and installs the latest high-tech IP CCTV cameras and NVR/DVR hardware, none of which is expensive compared to previous CCTV surveillance in schools.

School security cameras now have advanced features such as zooming and clear facial recognition. The school management team can remotely control and monitor them with mobile phones or computers. Cloud storage for security cameras is another consideration for schools and added peace of mind.

School CCTV systems and a monitored school alarm system are essential for protecting the learning environment and surrounding residential areas. A large outdoor space could require multiple outdoor security cameras with night vision in different positions; however, a single wide-angle lens can often cover a larger view. Our installation team will determine the optimal school CCTV camera locations addressing your security requirements.

The excellent news is that electrics do not need to be supplied to each camera on the school premises. Power and data can be delivered via Cat6 or Cat5e cabling to each indoor or outdoor security camera. This cable can be run to a network switch that provides power and connectivity. This would be established in a free CCTV site survey.

Our professional installation engineers have installed security cameras in schools for over ten years, and many schools have benefited. Safety and security are paramount in all our work in schools.

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Which CCTV camera is best for schools?

The best outdoor wired security cameras for schools are those with NDAA approval. NDAA compliance ensures adherence to specific standards and regulations related to data privacy.

We do not recommend or install wireless CCTV cameras for schools or commercial premises. All our CCTV installations meet with NDAA approval for the hardware installed.

Please learn about data privacy and the risks of choosing cheap surveillance equipment over high-quality surveillance systems. Here is an excellent article from the BBC regarding data privacy and national security risks.

For extensive CCTV upgrades, DfE leasing for education is available here.

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CCTV in Schools – Free Consultation for a School CCTV System Installation

First, please get in touch for a friendly chat and discuss your requirements for a new school IP CCTV system installation. We will then book a free CCTV site survey to look at the school buildings and find the optimal camera locations, the network cabling required and how they can be powered.

We will collate the following information:

  • The existing school security cameras and DVR or NVR configuration, if there is one.
  • New camera locations and the network cabling required.
  • Network switching to provide power for the CCTV security cameras.
  • The layout so we can plan a location map for the required CCTV coverage.
  • Establish your requirements for data retention and remote viewing.

Once completed, we can provide a detailed quotation with NDAA compliance based on our recommendations.

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CCTV for Schools – In Summary

In summary, CCTV in schools provides comprehensive security and oversight to facilitate a safe environment for students.

Furthermore, its utilisation spans beyond security and safety measures; it can be utilised as an effective tool to monitor behaviour, reduce bullying incidents, improve educational progress and prevent theft or acts of vandalism.

Please call us today for further information about CCTV systems in schools and learn about Classroom365’s ICT installations for UK schools.

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