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Why Does My School Need Modern CCTV Cameras and Security Systems?

Education CCTV Systems for Schools by Classroom365

While it is true that CCTV for schools cannot stop crime, schools and other places of education have a responsibility to keep students and teachers safe.

Here is a shortlist of the many benefits to install CCTV with a Classroom365 CCTV system as an integral part of your schools’ security:

  • A solid deterrent to theft and protecting school property
  • Can help reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism
  • Use of CCTV helps deter bullies and disruptive behaviour
  • Helps identify and record unauthorised access by visitors
  • As well as covering main areas, using CCTV cameras can help identify bottlenecks in buildings prompting improvements in safety and security
  • CCTV use is an extremely important tool to protect teachers and other staff members if students or parents make false allegations about their conduct
  • Helps create a learning environment where staff and pupils alike feel safe and also give parents peace of mind
  • Installing CCTV means security breaches can be investigated immediately
CCTV for schools and and CCTV installation services for London and South East
School CCTV System Installation Services for Education in London

CCTV Install Solutions and Surveillance Systems for Schools

How does a Classroom365 school security system for schools differ from other CCTV installers?

One of the critical parts of the process is a thorough site survey done by our experienced CCTV technicians.

School environments are very varied, and all the school buildings will be studied with all relevant staff encouraged to contribute their ideas on areas of focus. This can be conducted out of school hours or whenever convenient.

CCTV cameras and other equipment are chosen carefully to fit the location’s needs, whether outdoor areas or busy corridors. It can be essential to study a cameras ability to record video in low light conditions.

Not only is a Classroom365 security camera system secure, but it is also installed in a way that does not compromise the security of any other ICT system in the school.

Camera locations are carefully chosen to be out of reach and vandal resistant – and often deliberately hidden.

After the CCTV system has been commissioned and tested in different conditions, Classroom365 technicians train relevant staff on viewing CCTV footage and the new surveillance system. In the event of an intruder, processes can be agreed upon and documented to ensure staff act promptly and effectively.

CCTV in schools and ICO, GDPR and privacy issues

CCTV in schools and CCTV installations for London schools

There are laws and guidelines about CCTV camera installations and use. Classroom365 technicians can help ensure compliance with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) may be required.

CCTV notices can be put up in appropriate positions on the school grounds as the law requires and provide a visible deterrent to unauthorised visitors.

CCTV footage data should be kept for a maximum of 31 days unless there is an ongoing police investigation. This is normal practice and a recommended retention time.

A school CCTV installation by Classroom365 will be compliant with Ofsted guidelines regarding safeguarding of pupils.

Government guidelines regarding using CCTV in schools can be found here.

CCTV IP Cameras and DVR Recording Equipment for Schools – A Complete CCTV Installation Solution

CCTV Installs by Classroom365 – Technical Information

Classroom365 supplies and installs the latest high-tech IP CCTV cameras and DVR hardware, none of which is expensive equipment compared to CCTV surveillance in the past. CCTV cameras now have advanced features such as zooming, clear facial recognition and they can even be remotely controlled and monitored by mobile phone or computer by the school management. Recordings can be backed up to the cloud for extra peace of mind.

Use of school CCTV systems and a monitored alarm system are essential for protecting the school environment and residential areas. A large space could require multiple cameras in different positions; however, a single wide-angle lens can often cover a larger view. Our team will work out the optimal CCTV solution addressing your security requirements and map out a location map addressing all security issues.

The excellent news is electrics do not need to be supplied to each camera on the school premises. Power and data can be delivered via CAT6 or CAT5e cabling to each security camera. This cable can be run to a network switch that provides power and connectivity. This would be established in a free CCTV site survey, and a quotation provided.

Our professional installation team have been installing CCTV cameras for over ten years, and many schools have benefited over the years. Safety and security are paramount with all our work in schools.

Please call us today and get in touch for more details about CCTV systems in schools.

CCTV Systems for Schools and Security Camera Installations

CCTV Site Survey and Audit for Schools Across London and the South East

School CCTV Survey – Free Consultation for Your New CCTV System Installation

Firstly please get in touch for a friendly chat and discuss your requirements for a new school CCTV system. We will then book a free CCTV site survey to look at the school buildings and find the optimal solution for CCTV camera locations, the network cabling required and how they can be powered.

We will collate the following information:

  • The existing CCTV cameras and DVR configuration if there is one
  • New camera locations and the network cabling required
  • Network switching to provide power for the CCTV cameras
  • The layout and how the school operates so we can plan a location map for CCTV coverage of all the necessary locations for coverage
  • Establish your requirements for data retention and remote viewing

Once completed, we can provide a detailed quotation based on our recommendations and advise accordingly.

CCTV Installation for Schools Services and Solutions

CCTV System Installation for Schools – All Our CCTV Installers Are DBS Checked and Certified