What is SRB? Do you need it?

Secure Remote Backup

What is Secure Remote Backup?

Remote Backup for Schools is the simplest and most secure system providing offsite backup of data held on servers, workstations and laptops. Secure Remote Backup protects millions of files for schools by ensuring data is automatically saved to our remote storage data centre on a daily basis. Data is then mirrored online to a separate secure data centre for added protection.

We can easily recover the data to your system in the event of loss or disaster recovery.

Do you need Secure Remote Backup?

Secure Remote Backup is an essential element of any school disaster recovery plan. Many schools and businesses still rely on tape backups that are performed as and when a tape is inserted. Have you considered what happens if there is a fire, flood or theft and the tapes are destroyed or lost?

Are the existing backups monitored and data on the tapes checked? In our experience we have seen backup tapes inserted and replaced without any data being written to the tapes!

Check your backup and contact us for advice.

Who can use Secure Remote Backup?

Any school or business in the UK can use Secure Remote Backup.

What do we do?

  • Install the Redstor software enabling the data to be backed up online to our remote servers
  • Test and verify the data is backed up successfully
  • Complete a test restore to verify the integrity of the backup
  • Monitor the online remote backup service
  • Check the backup report when onsite or alternatively the report can be emailed directly to a designated email address provided

What are the benefits?

  • Completely automatic and runs on your existing ICT systems
  • No tapes, tape drives, external hard drives or expensive backup software required
  • No hardware maintenance costs such as stuck tapes and damaged tape drives
  • Simplified recovery of data
  • Increased security and less risk as it is not necessary for tapes to be stored offsite
  • Microsoft Windows, MacOS, SIMS, RM Finance, SQL and Microsoft Exchange are all supported
  • Backup whole VM’s nightly so in advent of disaster, your entire system can be restored onto new hardware
  • No backup data limit, we can easily increase the storage space allocated to you

What are the requirements?

You will need a broadband connection to the internet.

See our microsite www.secureremotebackup.co.uk for more details or contact us for a free quote with an approximate size of the data you have to be backed up.