Schools Offsite Backup and Data Storage

Remote Backup for Schools

What is it?

Secure Remote Backup for Schools is a simple and effective system to backup all your school’s data on a nightly schedule. It is secure, encrypted, and reliable, with minimal end user interaction. Ideal for onsite Windows or MacOS servers, there is a monthly or yearly fixed cost for the amount of data you need backing up. This could be a “shared drive” or an entire server “snapshot”, in which case the backup software takes an image of your server and backs it up to the cloud.

This is the perfect solution as it can minimise network downtime if the unthinkable happens. The network can be restored quickly as it was, and the school is back up and running with minimal downtime.

Currently, data is at risk from deletion, viruses and ransomware. Servers are at risk from hardware failure, fire, water, and theft. The perfect solution is an offsite nightly backup to our storage platform and for the data seamlessly replicated to another remote storage backup site for extra security.

Secure remote backup for schools as part of a school disaster recovery plan

Classroom 365 uses the industry standard Redstor software platform that is a leading provider of cloud backup for schools and backs up millions of files on daily for thousands of schools and businesses across the UK.

Is it necessary?

We have done audits for new school clients and found there are no backups of the school’s network. We have also found staff are putting a tape into a server and taking it home the next day. But… the tapes are empty! Nothing is being written to the tapes.

Secure Remote Backup for Schools from Classroom365 is completely automated and removes the possibility of hardware failure. It is easy to check by your ICT technician (they should do this on each visit) and we are alerted to any unlikely problems remotely so we can alert or action immediately. It’s part of our managed backup service when you setup a new account with us.

Offsite backup for schools using Redstor remote backup software

Technical Information

Our online backup for schools service uses 256-bit AES encryption with an encryption key chosen by you. The process is as follows:

  • We can install the software for you via remote access or your ICT technician can do it if they are comfortable to do so. It is very simple.
  • Files are selected and a daily backup routine is put in place, around 8pm is ideal when the network is not in use.
  • The initial backup is the big one so should be scheduled for a Friday night. After the first successful backup, subsequent backups are incremental so they only backup the files that have changed over the day and this usually takes only a few hours.

What next?

Contact us for more information on offsite backup for schools pricing and how we can get your school protected as part of a school disaster recovery plan.