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What is the Best Online Backup for Schools Service?

Secure Remote Backup for schools by Classroom365 is a simple and effective system to backup all your school’s data on a nightly schedule. It is fast, encrypted, and reliable, with minimal end-user interaction. Ideal for onsite Windows or macOS servers, there is a monthly or yearly fixed cost for the amount of data you need backing up. This could be a “shared drive” or an entire server “snapshot”, in which the cloud backup software takes an image of your server and backs it up offsite.

This is the perfect solution to minimise network downtime if the unthinkable happens. The network can be restored quickly as it was, and the school is back up and running with minimal downtime.

Currently, data is at risk from deletion, viruses and ransomware. Servers are at risk from hard drive failure, fire, water, and theft. The ideal cloud backup solution is an offsite nightly backup to our storage platform and for the data seamlessly replicated to the other remote data centres for extra security and peace of mind.

Secure remote backup for schools as part of a school disaster recovery plan

Classroom 365 uses the industry-standard Redstor software platform, a leading cloud backup for schools provider. It backs up millions of files daily for thousands of schools and businesses across the UK and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Is an online data backup for schools necessary?

We have done audits for new school clients and found no backups of the school’s network. We have also found staff are putting a backup tape into a server and taking it home the next day. But… the backup tapes are empty! Nothing is being written to the tapes.

The Secure Remote Backup service from Classroom365 is fully automated and removes the possibility of hardware failure. It is easy to check by your ICT technician, and they should do this on each site visit. We are alerted to any unlikely problems remotely and can either take action ourselves or inform you and provide advice. It’s part of our managed backup service when you set up a new account with us.

Offsite backup for schools using Redstor remote backup software

Security for Remote Backup Services for Schools

Offsite backup for schools – installation and security?

Our online school backup service uses 256-bit AES encryption with your chosen encryption key. The process is as follows:

  • We can install the software for you via remote access, or your IT support technician can do it if they are comfortable doing so. It is straightforward, and we will guide you.
  • Once the software is installed, passwords and encryption key set, the files are selected, and the fully automated daily backup routine implemented. Typically 8:00 pm is ideal, reducing impact on the school’s network.
  • The initial cloud backup is big, so it should be scheduled for a Friday night. After the first successful backup, subsequent backups are incremental, so they only backup the files that have changed over the day, and this usually takes only a few hours, depending on how many files have changed.
  • The compressed, encrypted data is sent securely to the first remote data centre. Once complete, the data held is replicated from the first to the second remote data centre. The school backup process and remote data centres are displayed in the graphic above.
  • An automated email with the secure backup report can be emailed to you once the job has been completed if required.
An effective disaster recovery plan for schools is essential in protecting critical data

Online Backup Services – Complete Peace of Mind

Cloud backup for schools – technical information

  • The system requirements are an internet connection and around 5Gb storage space for the installation files and processing. If the connection drops at any time, don’t worry, as the online backup will reconnect when the internet is re-established.
  • Windows (Server and Desktop), macOS and Linux operating systems are supported.
  • The remote backup service uses 256-bit AES encryption and data compression as standard.
  • Offsite backup is compatible with existing onsite backup software such as Windows Backup and Acronis.
  • Data reduction technology means unique blocks are transmitted to the remote data centres, thereby saving valuable bandwidth.
  • If a previous backup is required, the software console allows to go back a minimum of thirty days, with a rollup from the last two ends of month also available for restoring data.
  • Full system snapshots or complete Virtual Machine (VM) backups are our preferred configuration, ensuring data integrity and ease of restoring the system in a disaster recovery scenario.
  • Fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.
Online backup service for schools and data backup solutions

Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy for Schools

Offsite Managed Backup Services for a School Disaster Recovery Plan

A computer disaster recovery policy for schools is critical. Planning for a disaster in IT is not pleasant but must be considered and planned for if one of the following scenarios occurs:

  • Servers have hard disks, and if these fail, data must be restored from the schools backup.
  • Theft. Servers and computers can get stolen.
  • Flooding and Fire. Is that server location a good one?
  • Ransomware and virus attack. No anti-virus software is 100% effective, and ransomware attacks are becoming too familiar. If this happens, you would have to restore from backup or pay the ransom. If your only backup solution is an onsite backup drive, it could be infected too! Many schools do not realise this.
Implementing a new computer disaster recovery strategy for schools

Data is likely to be kept onsite on network servers. Even if critical data is cloud-based, there is expected to be significant network downtime in the advent of hardware failure. Many education establishments have moved to cloud solutions such as Office 365 and Google Classroom; however, SIMS data or the schools financial data is often on the hardware installed onsite.

A remote backup for schools solution by Classroom365 offers protection against all of these events, saving time and a fixed monthly price, depending on the amount of backup storage space required. There are no extra hardware costs to consider, and our support services are included. We invoice quarterly for our fully managed cloud backup service for schools.

Contact us for more information on offsite backup for schools pricing and how we can get your school protected as part of a school disaster recovery policy.

School Disaster Recovery Strategy and Secure Online Backup Services for UK Schools

Cloud Data Backup for Schools by Classroom365 Comply with all Government Guidelines