iPad Trolley for Schools

Classroom365 supplies iPad trolley and iPad storage locker solutions to the education sector across the UK. Our prices are competitive, and we will beat any online price.

  • Available sizes for iPad trolleys are 16, 20, 32 and 40 bay.
  • Store and charge school iPads even with the most rugged iPad cases.
  • Short cables can be used, or the USB cables provided with new iPads, making it easy to set up and maintain. The mobile iPad solution will be neat, tidy, and always ready for use in your school.
  • Light and easy to move between classrooms.
  • Key lock, digital code and RFID are available.

Try us out by using the online form below for a free quote. If you are considering finance and leasing iPads, an iPad charging trolley can easily be added to the lease agreement.

ipad trolley for schools

Which iPad Charging Trolley?

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An iPad charging trolley is a great way to store, charge and protect against theft. Classroom365 offers educational discounts for all the major brands, including Zioxi, LapCabby from Monarch and the Lapsafe ClassBuddy range.

Zioxi iPad Storage

Competitively priced iPad storage for schools. They are well built, simple to set up and light, making them easy to move between classrooms. There are many size options, with the 16-bay and 32-bay the most common classroom options.

LapCabby TabCabby and Lyte Series

With 20 years of manufacturing in the UK, the LapCabby range has recently been updated. There are many options for iPad storage, including their “Charge and Sync” range, which enables you to connect a Macbook and sync the iPads with Apple Configurator, which is useful when deploying iPads for use with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

LapSafe ClassBuddy

You can store 10, 16 or 32 iPads with the LapSafe ClassBuddy iPad storage options. The LapSafe range has always been a premium school iPad trolley and locker range. It is more compact than the LapCabby TabCabby and has solid steel construction. The LapCabby TabCabby and Zioxi iPad charging trolleys are made from melamine-coated MDF, although the Zioxi range has a steel door for the electrical compartment.

ipad charging trolley for schools

Zioxi iPad Trolley Range

The Zioxi range of iPad storage solutions provides schools with a reliable and cost-effective option. Whether for 16, 20, 32 or 40 iPads, the bays are big enough to house the rugged cases recommended for schools. The cabling is tidy, with a short USB cable that connects the charging unit to the iPad. It is also difficult to remove the USB lead, making it more unlikely the cables will “disappear”. Any USB cable can be used so that trolleys can be used for any tablet – Android or Apple. You cannot use this trolley if your device has an adapter, such as a brick charger. If you use laptops or Chromebooks, more suitable trolleys from Classroom365 are available.

Key Features of the Zioxi iPad Charging Trolley

  • A choice of key lock, digital code or RFID. RFID is a wireless tag so you can touch the lock to unlock the trolley. If you go for the digital code option, rest assured there is a master key also provided.
  • Lockable wheels and all doors can be secured. The electrical compartment is separate.
  • The doors fold out 270 degrees, making it easy to access the iPads.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a smooth melamine surface.
  • A 5-year warranty is included with all Zioxi storage options.

Classroom365 likes the Zioxi range and is our preferred iPad storage solution due to ease of installation and the price point. It is hard to justify the more expensive LapSafe ClassBuddy for primary schools. However, the better security options and build quality make them great for secondary schools or academies. The LapCabby from Monarch Education is also popular and is a good option, albeit a bit bulkier.

charging trolley for ipads

Best Practices for Using a Charging Trolley for iPads

iPad storage trolleys are a simple way to charge and store classroom iPads. Here are a few suggestions that we have advised schools over the years:

  • Keep it tidy. Gone are the days of trolleys with cables everywhere, or they should be. The trolley needs to be cabled correctly, and with the latest trolleys, it is so simple to keep it neat. With our suggestions for trolleys, removing the USB cables is made difficult. Unfortunately, cables can go walkabouts.
  • The LapSafe range includes a docking station for an additional cost. This means the iPad trolley can be secured to a wall, preventing theft. The purpose of a trolley is that it can be moved easily between classrooms; unfortunately, that means it can be stolen. An anchor lock provides additional security.
  • Check the bay sizes so the slots will be big enough if you use rugged iPad cases.
  • Although they are lighter than they used to be, they are still heavy items, so consider flights of stairs when installing them. They cannot be moved between classrooms on different floors during the day.
  • All popular brands include timers, so ensure your school ICT support configures the timer so it is not charging 24 hours per day. It is a waste of electricity and will not help your environmental policy.

For a competitive iPad trolley price, please get in touch. For mobile phone storage, Classroom365 supplies a fantastic range of lockers for schools.

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