Chromebook Trolley for Schools

A dedicated Chromebook trolley or locker is the best way to keep Chromebooks for schools organised, charged, and ready for lessons. Classroom365 is an authorised reseller, and our prices will beat those online. Try us out!

  • Chromebook trolleys are available in 16, 20 and 32 bay configurations.
  • Chromebooks generally have 11” to 14” screens, and Chromebook charging trolleys cater to these sizes. Larger trolleys are also available for 15.6” Chromebooks.
  • Cable management is a must. Gone are the days of cables falling down the back and everyone searching for the key to unlock the back of the trolley.
  • Manoeuvrable, light and simple to keep organised.
  • Key lock (the cheapest option), digital code, combination and RFID security choices.
chromebook trolley for schools

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The Best Chromebook Charging Trolley for Schools?

A Chromebook charging trolley for schools is the best way to store Chromebooks in a classroom, keeping them safe, organised, and fully charged for lessons. There are lots of choices available, with educational discounts available from Classroom365. Three of the popular brands include:

Zioxi Classroom Chromebook Storage

Zioxi Chromebook trolleys and lockers offer schools great ideas for storing Chromebooks in the classroom. Trolleys can hold 16, 20 or 32 Chromebooks; they are well-built, reasonably light to move between classrooms and excellent value.

Nuwco Chromebook Storage

The Nuwco series of trolleys and lockers were popular with schools before they left the market in 2020. Recently relaunched and competitively priced, the Nuwco Chromebook trolleys differ by being made from plastic, making them light, cheap and easy to clean. They are available in various colours, and you can engrave them for additional security.

LapCabby for Chromebooks

LapCabby has the most options for storing Chromebooks in the classroom. Their UniCabby, Lyte and GO2+ ranges of trolleys, storage lockers and cases all come with a lifetime warranty (5 years electrical). Options for storing 6, 10, 15, 16, 20 or 32 Chromebook devices are available.

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chromebook charging trolley for schools

Zioxi Chromebook Trolley Series

Like the Zioxi iPad trolley solutions, a Zioxi Chromebook trolley is a cost-effective and reliable way to store Chromebooks in classrooms. Their storage solutions for 16, 20 or 32 Chromebooks have various features and sizes. Classroom365 likes the CHRGT-CB-16 model, their no-frills cheap Chromebook trolley for schools.

Key features of the Zioxi Chromebook Charging Trolley

  • 16 bays for any Chromebook up to 14” screen size.
  • Key lock, digital code or RFID access card.
  • The CHRGT-CB-16 is suitable for Chromebooks with a brick-style power adapter and a separate secure compartment for the electrical supply. AC adapters do have a habit of going missing if not secured separately!
  • It is also suitable for Macbooks (13”), tablets and iPads, although an iPad trolley with larger bays for rugged cases is more appropriate.
  • Fold-out doors with lockable wheels for simple access.
  • It is a simple, clean design with a melamine exterior, plastic shelves and a metal electrical compartment.
  • A 5-year warranty is standard with all Zioxi Chromebook trolleys.

For Chromebooks with a USB-C power supply, we recommend the CHRGTUC-CB-16 model. This Zioxi Chromebook charging trolley has an integrated 60W USB-C power supply to each device rather than a UK plug socket. Plug in a USB-C cable from the power supply directly to the Chromebook.

The Zioxi range of Chromebook storage is Classroom365’s preferred choice for primary schools that require a cheap and reliable option. For a competitive Zioxi Chromebook trolley price, please contact us. We will beat online prices and offer free delivery. Most trolleys are available within a week for delivery, although some of the more bespoke models that are made to order may take up to 3 weeks.

charging trolley for chromebooks

Best Practices for Using Chromebook Trolleys for Schools

Chromebook storage trolleys or lockers are the best way to store Chromebooks. A trolley if you want to move them between classrooms or wall-attached lockers if there is a dedicated set of Chromebooks for a particular class. Chromebook lockers are particularly suitable for special needs classrooms with fewer students. Here are some Chromebook storage ideas and suggestions from our experience:

  • Make sure you purchase the correct trolley for your Chromebooks – check screen sizes and the power adapters (USB-C or brick-style power supplies).
  • Keep it organised; the best Chromebook trolleys have a separate compartment for the power supply.
  • Implement power management on your trolley. All our suggestions described above from Zioxi, LapCabby and Nuwco have power-saving features. There is no point in continually charging the trolley through the night and weekends; it just uses energy and can harm the Chromebook batteries.
  • Power saving features vary from a simple on/off timer to the Zioxi onView cloud management with their CHRGT-CB series of Chromebook trolleys.

Zioxi onView Benefits for Chromebooks

  • Zioxi Smart Charge means the AC power stops when the Chromebooks are fully charged.
  • Green Charging allows the trolley to charge at the lowest energy tariffs available to the school.
  • Custom schedules and automatic alerts if the trolley has been unplugged or opened at an unauthorised time.

Please get in touch for further advice on Classroom365’s range of ICT equipment for schools, including our competitive pricing for Chromebook trolleys for schools.

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