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The SMART Board MX275 V4 is the popular 75” interactive board for education from SMART Technologies and the size recommended for an average-sized classroom. It is one of the SMART Board MX series supplied by Classroom365, and the most popular SMART Board for schools in the UK.

The SMART MX275 V4 has key features in common with the MX265 and MX286 models.

  • A heat-treated, bonded and anti-glare 75” 4K screen.
  • 6-microphone audio array.
  • NFC sign-in – You can use a card to auto-login to your SMART account.
  • SMART iQ operating system with auto updates.
  • 5-year hardware warranty.
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SMART MX275 V4 Specs

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The SMART MX275 V4 has the following specifications in common with the 65” and 86” versions. The MX255 (55”) has slightly different specifications with less powerful speakers and a lower-spec screen.

  • 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K ultra high definition screen with a large 178° viewing angle.
  • 2 x 20W integrated speakers, so a soundbar is no longer required except for the noisiest environments.
  • 2 x SMART Board MX pens included.
  • 32 GB storage and 8 GB memory.
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode, 2 x RJ45 and Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax).
  • The ability to connect over 40 student devices, including Chromebooks and laptops, with a browser or the integrated SMART collaboration tools.
  • Unlimited broadcasting of live content.
  • Screencasting using the built-in Screencast app, Google Cast or Airplay from Apple.

Remember that only the SMART Notebook Basic version is included free of charge, and for the full features, the SMART Learning Suite must be purchased separately.

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What Are the Differences Between the SMART Board MX275 V3 and V4 Versions?

The MX275 V4 (SBID-MX275-V4) was released in 2023, with the MX275 V3 in 2022. Some online resellers are still selling the older V3 models, so please clarify which version you are purchasing. The SMART MX275 V4 has the following important improvements over the V3 model:

  • 2 x 20W integrated speakers instead of the 2 x 15W speakers with the SMART MX275 V3.
  • A new SMART Board panel with the home button now conveniently placed centrally.
  • An integrated microphone array is now included, not an accessory to purchase separately.
  • Upgraded USB ports with an additional rear USB-C port for a teacher’s visualiser or room control system, for example.
  • An RFID NFC card reader is now integrated so teachers can sign in with their SMART ID card. The SMART ID card allows users to access their personal settings and OneDrive or Google Drive accounts. The card lets users sync content and lessons if connected to a SMART Learning Suite subscription.

This SMART Technologies PDF compares the differences in the SMART Board MX275 V3 and MX275 V4 in more detail. Choose the latest version if you are offered a choice. There should not be a price difference between versions, but some suppliers may be trying to clear old stock.

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Review of the SMART Board MX275 V4

The SMART Board MX275 V4 is the most popular of all the interactive touch screens for education, and for good reason. The built-in software suite is comprehensive and easy to use, and teachers are used to the software from previous interactive whiteboard and projector installations in classrooms.

It isn’t the cheapest option, but the MX275 remains the market leader for schools with the budget available who want all the features not included with the cheaper SMART Board GX175 price from Classroom365.

The version 4 model, with its upgraded SMART panel and speakers, makes the 75” MX275 the best choice for classrooms from SMART Technologies.

Classroom365 offers schools the best educational pricing for the MX275 and all the MX series. Please get in touch for some impartial advice and a no obligation quote.

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