Leasing for Schools – DfE Approved Lease Agreements

Leasing ICT equipment for schools is different from how it used to be and is now a serious option. With budgets frozen and limited funds, spreading lease payments over 1 to 5 years is a viable option for many schools.

ICT Leasing for schools enables a school to pay a fixed payment plan with the opportunity to buy outright at the end of the lease period for market value. Alternatively, the ICT hardware can be returned to the leasing company, and a new lease started with brand new equipment.

Our DfE approved partner will go through the options with you. The days of rip-off contracts are gone, or at least there is more due diligence now and awareness of some companies to avoid.

Let us help by completing the contact form below and assisting in going through the available options.

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Leasing for Schools - Find Out More

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What is ICT Leasing?

ICT leasing is a way of budgeting and spreading payments instead of paying a high upfront cost for ICT equipment. It can be used for a whole network upgrade, for example, including the installation charges, by your ICT support provider. Be warned – only go with a DfE approved leasing partner.

What an ICT leasing agreement involves:

  • A fixed-term agreement, usually 3 to 5 years, after which the equipment is returned to the leasing company, or you buy outright for a market value fee. Most schools take the 3-year option.
  • Annual or monthly payments to the leasing company.
  • No hidden charges; it’s a fixed cost. Any warranty issues are down to the end user. i.e., it’s up to you to sort out.
  • A lease term can sometimes be extended. However, it’s usually beneficial for both parties to either renew or for the school to purchase the hardware outright. For example, if you have had laptops for five years, it may be time to renew them anyway.
  • A DfE approved lease is transparent. You will not get ripped off.

We have partnered with a recommended DfE approved education leasing company for many years. Please complete our form for a no-obligation quote.

Computer Leasing for Schools

Classroom365 is an independent Managed IT Services Provider that works in education, and we are simply offering advice here. Computer leasing for schools is only suitable or desirable for some schools.

The main advantage is that a school can budget for 5 years and know what they will spend on their new ICT equipment every year as part of the lease. The obvious disadvantage is that it will cost more in the long run than if the hardware and other costs were purchased outright at the project’s outset.

Also, you do not own the equipment at the end of the ICT lease agreement. You will have to pay for the market value of the ICT equipment. How much is a laptop worth after 5 years of being used every day in a school?

Having worked in schools for 20 years, we have some excellent advice for you regarding this. Please get in touch for some tips and advice.

You can learn what the DfE advises on leasing for schools by visiting the Government website.

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What’s Included with an ICT Lease?

A school leasing agreement can be for anything, including the following:

  • Computers, laptops and all-in-one desktops.
  • Tablets, classroom Chromebooks and iPad leasing for schools. There are significant educational discounts with iPads for schools, and leasing can be an excellent option to stagger payments.
  • Telephone systems. The BT PSTN switch-off is happening in 2025, and schools must be prepared. This means upgrading your analogue telephone system to a new digital telephony. If you need clarification on what this means, please get in touch with us, as we are heavily involved and can help.
  • Photocopier leases for schools.
  • Furniture and non-ICT hardware.
  • New building and refurbishment projects.
  • Touch screen whiteboards, including SMART Boards and Clevertouch screens.
  • School security systems or CCTV camera upgrade projects.
  • Any ICT services, such as licensing and software, can be included with a hardware purchase.

There’s much more, of course, and it’s always worth finding out the leasing cost before committing to a big spend.

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