Key Changes to KCSIE 2024

The updates to KCSIE 2024 are due to be published in September 2024 and mainly include changes to the wording. There are no dramatic changes to KCSIE 2023, and the summary from Classroom365 explains each of the 5 key parts.

Here, we summarise the 4 key changes to KCSIE 2024 and how they will affect schools’ safeguarding of pupils and staff.

  • Exploitation – Now included more comprehensively so “abuse and neglect” becomes “abuse, neglect and exploitation”.
  • Updated definition – New emphasis on early help and promoting the welfare of children.
  • Terminology changes – Clarification about school absences and changes in context.
  • Data protection – Clarifying schools’ responsibilities regarding the Data Protection Act 2018 regarding handling personal information in compliance with UK GDPR.
key changes to kcsie 2024

Schools should review their child protection and safeguarding policies to align with the updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education 2024, although there may be further changes once the final version is published.

Updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education 2024

Here, we break down the proposed key changes in KCSIE 2024.

Updated definition

The first main change is the updated definition of “safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.” This now aligns with the DfE Working to Safeguard Children 2023 guidance, which was updated in December 2023.

Early help intervention is expanded to reflect the guidance, and schools should be alert to any child with multiple absences or suspensions and how a child is affected by parental offending.


Throughout the updated guidance, where “abuse and neglect” was referenced, this has been changed to “abuse, neglect and exploitation”. Additional text – ‘including where they see, hear, or experience its effects’ has been added where domestic violence is referenced.

Terminology changes

The wording “deliberately missing education” has been changed to “unexplainable and/or persistent absences”. This shifts the causes from victim blaming to understanding why children are missing education.

Another change is with children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning their gender. This has been updated to comply with gender questioning guidance, although this is still under review.

Data protection

A reference has been included for staff to use the DfE’s data protection in school guidance to help them comply with UK GDPR policies and data protection legislation.

Schools should refer to this documentation for best practices to prevent data breaches.

Updates in KCSIE 2024 - Find Out More

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summary of updates to kcsie 2024

KCSIE 2024 Summary

As you can see, nothing has changed too much compared to KCSIE 2023. However, there are some important clarifications that schools need to be aware of. Safeguarding policy constantly evolves, and we can expect further changes in 2025.

For additional information about the importance of safeguarding and the role of Classroom365, we have a dedicated page explaining the issues schools face.

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